How Politics is Influencing Racism and Discrimination in the Country Today

There have always been very many discussions about the issue of discrimination among the black population in the country. This is a major discussion that has been in the country for very many years, and it is essential to indicate that it will not be going away in the next few years. The fact that there are very many people who are currently dying from police brutality and resulting riots in the country currently indicates that there is a long way to go before the issue of the black population can be settled.

Politics and Racism

However, it is very important to indicate that most of the current racism that is prevalent in the country cannot be associated with the older population. This is something that has currently emerged in the country and is being led by the younger population, who seem to be adopting some extreme ideas that are highly related to race. This means that there are some deep-rooted race issues that need to be addressed in the country.

However, it is very hard to understand the current issues that are related to racism are affecting the younger generation. The young people have been brought together in a country that is quickly turning cosmopolitan almost in every other region in the country. This means that very little has been done to combat the issue of racism, especially among the younger population. There is no doubt that a lot needs to be done in addressing this major problem.

As it stands, it is essential to highlight those politics that seems to be highlighted and heavily associated with every other issue affecting race in the country. Most of the issues that are highly associated with racism are currently associated with the current problem that the country is facing. Therefore, to address the issue of race in the country, it is very important to indicate that the politics of the day must be highly focused on addressing the current political system.

Increasing Hate on Asian Population

There is no doubt that there have been very many strategies that have been adopted to deal with the issue of race discrimination in the country. Unfortunately, there are some major problems that are already affecting the country in other areas. Trends show that there is a drastic increase in hate towards Asian-Americans. This is something that needs to be addressed for the country to make sure that race and discrimination are not defining the future of the country.

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