How Amazon Has Made Profits in a Difficult Year

In a period where most of the organizations are making huge losses, it is essential to indicate that there are some entities that have defied the odds and are making some huge profits. These organizations have been very competitive, or they have been using some innovative operational ideas that have helped them to make some possible changes in the market that have been very consistent with the needs of the customers. This means that such organizations have been unique in their operations.

Amazon is one of the organizations in the market that is already making some huge profits in the market. Everyone in the market was expecting that most of the organizations that have been operating in the technology sector will be able to record some very huge and consistent growth in technology. However, not very many people in the market had a perception that such organizations would be able to make such profits. Here are some of the essential ways through which Amazon has been able to achieve such high profits.

Online Retail Services

Amazon is already the largest retail outlet in the world. Therefore, as most of the people have been ordering goods at home and through online platforms, it is essential to indicate that the company has been getting the largest share of customers. Every company that has been operating an online retail activity has been getting some major returns. This is the main reason why the company has been leading in this venture and has already made some major changes in the market.

Advertising Business Services

Most people probably don’t know this, but Amazon has an advertising business service. This is a new branch of the organization that is highly focused on helping other organizations in the market to advertise their products and services and to reach a huge number of customers. It is essential to indicate that there is no entity in the market today that has been able to make the huge profits that the Amazon advertising service has been able to make.

Streaming Business Services

In 2019, Amazon opened a streaming service that is highly focused on streaming some of the most attractive documentaries and movies. This is a premium service that views have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. The Amazon streaming service has been very central in ensuring that the organization has been getting some consistent returns at a time when most people have been relying on streaming services.

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