Herschel Walker for Senate

Herschel Walker, a former Georgia running back and NFL star, is running for a position in the United States Senate. Walker will be running as a Republican in the coming mid-term elections. Having a great smile, Walker was seen at the Georgia Bulldog football game on September 11th shaking hands with fans and potential voters. Finding himself at the forefront of the election, Walker has been doing very few speaking engagements and also seems to be avoiding questions from the press. Since announcing his run for the Georgia Senate seat at a Trump rally in Perry, GA, Walker gave his first public speech. The speech lasted ten minutes and Walker discussed many of his accomplishments and accolades. At one point during the speech, Donald Trump embraced Walker with a hug and showed his clear support for the candidate.

Many have questioned Walker’s qualifications to run for a Georgia Senate seat. Walker’s answer is that he loves America and he will fight for the nation. Many Republican operatives working with the Walker campaign have created a game plan for the candidate, and overall, the game plan is for Walker to remain relatively quiet and keep a low profile. Up to this point of the campaign, the candidate has only attended well-controlled events. Another strategy is to keep the candidate doing interviews with the more Republican-friendly news channels such as Fox News. Walker is not talking much, and this lines up with his current campaign tour. His current tour schedule is filled with listening engagements. Walker listens, rather than talks, when he is with community groups and businesses alike. This is Walker’s first time running for public office, and eventually, he will need to start taking tougher questions and answering them. Many believe Walker is learning and being schooled on how to answer those questions currently, and that is why he is keeping such a low profile. Being a true celebrity, at the moment, his smile and history can work on his behalf.

There are some Republicans who believe that Walker may not be able to answer the tough questions that will certainly come his way. Walker has had a troubled past outlined in his memoir. CNN Investigates has been highlighting the football player’s memoir and how the book states that Walker had threatened women with violence and maybe worse. The Walker campaign agenda is directly aligned with former President Trump’s agenda.

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