Hayden’s hay day at Upwork has continued to soar, even in the middle of Covid-19 scare

It bumped on her like a thud. She had not known how she would navigate over this male-dominated terrain. To add on that, she was the first female to get herself into the apex of the management in this freelancing company. But at the end of the day, Hayden Brown would prove to be an epitome of success as the first female CEO of Upwork.

Hayden Brown had a very precarious moment when she was fronted to be the next CEO of the online working company. Hers was a rather tricky because she was expected to deliver amid uncertainties that have been necessitated by the novel corona virus.

This is where her management prowess would be tested; this is where her drive would be known. They say that a good manager is known at the time when a catastrophe has hit the company. This was the time when the freelancing fraternity would know Upwork would remain afloat during this debacle, or it would sink together with its new Chief Executive officer in Hayden Brown. Prior to that, after her getting her bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, she had landed a prestigious job with a consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, before she’d find herself at Microsoft.

It is important to note that the freelancing company has been making good profit over the years, and therefore going by their choice of Hayden Brown, that was a sure bet. It is also clear that Upwork has been constantly attracting new freelancers (categorized as buyers and sellers – where sellers are the service providers while buyers are those who give jobs).

With the entry of their new CEO, was this trend going to be maintained, or were we going to start seeing a downward trajectory? Facts are stubborn, and they are there for all to see…

The entry of Hayden Brown into the management realm of Upwork was like it had been designed to happen. It was like everything had been chiseled to fit in. Despite the fact that there was pandemic that was – and still is – wreaking havoc in the entire world, Upwork stood tall. Indeed, one can rightly say that corona virus was a blessing in disguise to the Upwork family.

The rate at which hiring managers at Upwork had used the online platform before, had changed. During the new administration, under Madam Hayden Brown, which coincided with the emergence of corona virus pandemic, there had been a tremendous surge on new jobs that have been posted on this platform.

Other people in different corporations actually resolved to be working from their homes even after the novel Covid-19 pandemic. In the Upwork family itself, staff were advised that they would continue to work from their respective homes even in post Covid-19 era.

This trend has significantly translated to a booming online business. The company had projected a boom in its profitability. For example, today, over 5million companies prefer their jobs to be done remotely. These people prefer Upwork more than any other freelancing platform.

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