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For more than 35 years, Gustavo Martinez has played an instrumental role in the creation of memorable ads and campaigns. Many of these campaigns have gained iconic status in pop culture. More than that, this marketing and advertising expert has held executive positions at some of the most well-respected firms in the world. This includes serving as the Chief Executive Officer for J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, President for MacCann Worldgroup and President for Olgilvy and Mather. Prior to holding these executive positions, Martinez used his profound creative talents while serving clients at Henkel and Price Waterhouse. He is one of the most experienced, successful and respected professionals in his field, and he has recently shifted gears to serve clients in a different way.

Gustavo Martinez’s Transition to Independent Consulting

Gustavo Martinez recently has left behind the corporate world in order to become closer to his clients and to be more involved in the creative process. He is now an advertising and marketing consultant who works with a small team that he has carefully assembled. Through this structure, he comprehensively utilizes his operational and managerial talents and is able to provide his clients with the personalized service they require.

The Need for a Flexible Work Environment

Upon reflecting on his accomplishments over the years, Martinez states that the qualities that define what a good worker is in most other industries are not necessarily desirable in the marketing and advertising industry. In most industries, a good worker is often defined as a person who is happy to arrive at work on time each day and to complete the same set of repetitive tasks with reliability and attention to detail. Marketing and advertising, however, are creative areas. The typical corporate working environment does not foster the creative process, and many artists struggle in those environments as a result. Some of his success as a creative talent is attributed to his ability to find work environments where he can thrive and to surround himself with other creative individuals.

Martinez is also quick to point out that businesses in this industry must follow a rigid business structure from an operational perspective while also fostering creativity. Over the course of his decades-long career, Martinez has gained exceptional insight by successfully leading operations of some of the most influential companies in his field. His combined professional experience with operations and the creative processes has given him a unique perspective and a robust skillset that are essential for success as an independent marketing consultant.

A Unique Approach to Recruit Creative Talent

Gustavo Martinez has also been responsible for identifying and recruiting creative individuals to work for several of the firms that he has worked for over the years. Through these experiences, he has become aware of the profound importance of finding talented individuals who will not compromise on their need for flexibility and independence in their creation process. He looks for individuals who understand what they need to be effective in their positions and who actively seek workplaces that provide that environment. In addition to using this talent recruitment knowledge for other firms that he has worked for, he has applied it to his consulting firm. Martinez understands that in order to be truly successful from a creative perspective, he must create the right work environment for himself.

Martinez directly compares his recruiting practices to those of professional sports teams. Sports teams spend ample time researching available talent so that they can identify individuals who will be a good fit in their organization. Once these individuals have been identified, the teams go to great lengths to actively recruit them. With the unique nature of the marketing business, this same recruiting strategy proves effective for Martinez as he builds exceptional teams.

A Look Toward the Future of the Industry

Throughout his successful career, Gustavo Martinez has maintained focus on the latest technologies and trends that may impact his industry. Recently, Martinez has increased the level of service and the quality of results that he provides to his clients through the use business acceleration. As a consultant, he has developed an affiliation with UV Business Acceleration so that he can better serve his startups clients. He believes that a startup’s initial success in today’s advanced business environment is directly linked to its ability to use the same technologies and advanced analytics that its established competitors use. Business acceleration’s purpose is to improve technology design, analytics and functionality to create a competitive edge.

Prior to the use of business acceleration strategies, startups relied on trial and error with their marketing efforts, which was expensive, unreliable and time-consuming. Today’s businesses use complex analytics when developing and executing their marketing strategies. Startups face increasingly strenuous challenges if they are not using the same advanced technologies and playing on a level field. Business acceleration services offered by Martinez optimize marketing strategies, such as by utilizing Massive Data Heights to draw insights from online consumer reviews.

On a broader level, Gustavo Martinez recognizes the importance of the Internet of Things, but he believes that this technology is not being utilized to its fullest potential from the perspective of marketing and advertising. One example that he provides of future possibilities for this technology is in direct consumer marketing in the home. The ability for a smart refrigerator to learn a person’s feeding habits and to make personalized food recommendations based on direct and branded advertising is one of many potential uses for the Internet of Things going forward.

A Balance Between Personal and Professional Life

Gustavo Martinez has developed a functional routine in his daily life that helps him balance work and personal responsibilities while also providing his clients with exceptional service. After a family breakfast to start his day, Martinez spends a few minutes reading business news stories and catching up on email correspondence. His typical workday may include spending up to 12 hours at the office. While at work, Martinez maintains a leadership role to manage operational tasks while also establishing an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. In his workplace, he encourages team members to actively share ideas. He also regularly recognizes individual and team accomplishments. While serving as an effective leader, he personally fosters his passion for projects and his creative spirit.

Personal Skills Essential for Professional Success

Active listening is a personal quality that Martinez directly attributes to his professional success. In addition to taking time to thoroughly understand his clients’ needs, Martinez retains focus on ideas communicated by everyone who he connects with. Regardless of their professional expertise, Martinez recognizes that each person has value and may contribute in essential ways.

More than that, he understands the value of his predecessors’ experiences. He actively identifies their skills, personal traits and experiences so that he can personally improve. One of the many aspects of successful business practices that he has learned in this way is to be patient with others while also learning from observations of those who are around him. In order to extract significant value from observations and interactions with others, he strives to build and maintain a diverse, collaborative team.

The Importance of Showing Compassion for Others

Martinez is only one of many successful professionals who focus on supporting important causes through charitable efforts. He believes that true charity is related to a deep concern over important causes, and it transcends beyond simply donating money. While he recognizes that many organizations rely heavily on financial donations, he donates both time and funds to causes that he is truly passionate about. Being charitable to family members is personally important to Martinez.

Looking forward, Martinez continues to focus on providing his clients with exceptional overall service through his hands-on role as a marketing consultant. He hopes to meet or exceed client expectations through the utilization of advanced technologies and strategies. He also will continue to expand upon his unique combination of honed skills, advanced knowledge from multiple professional perspectives and dedication to generate exceptional results for his clients.

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