Glastonbury Festival Urination is Harming Wildlife

The Glastonbury Festival had many drugs present over the course of the festival and the attendees were taking in many of these drugs. It seems that when the festival-goers began urinating, potentially harmful drugs were being released through the stream. The festival is situated in the famous Somerset site in southwestern England. A river runs through the site of the festival, which had over 200,000 attendees attending the festivities. The urine that entered the streams appears to be possibly having a negative impact upon the wildlife of the area. A study was conducted and massive amounts of MDMA concentrations were present. The MDMA levels were four times that of which were found with no festival present. European eels are an endangered animal and there were high levels of cocaine concentrations found that could have a negative impact on eels.

A professor, at Bangor University, led a study showing the drugs present in the area were extremely high levels and could be classed as environmentally damaging. Although the levels get very elevated during the festival, the levels of drugs in the environment do quickly subside. A study was set up before the festival commenced, checking the levels of illegal drugs present. The study wanted to determine the levels of illegal drugs before, during, and after the festival wrapped up. The Methamphetamines present is possibly turning the trout into meth addicts.

The studies found that drugs were making their way into nature through urination streams. The wet weather conditions, found at the festival, help to push the urination streams directly into the river. The findings of the study place an emphasis on the importance of not urinating in public. There is a normal level of the issue with urination in public, however, when drugs are present, issues become worse. The studies being conducted are a start to combating the issue, however, much more will need to be done to protect the ecosystem from this kind of damage. More investigation will be needed to find solutions to the problem. In the future, highlighting the issue directly to festival-goers will need to be part of the solution. Explaining to the attendees of the festival how important it is to use the restroom, rather than just urinating on the ground. Letting festival attendees know the reason it is bad to urinate on the ground, leading to more using the restroom facilities located on the grounds.

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