Giuliani’s “Very Favorable” GOP Rating Is Three Times Higher Than McConnell’s

To say Rudy Giuliani is neck-deep in legal issues is an understatement. Several news reports claim Rudy asked for a little financial help from his former client Donald J. Trump. But Mr. Trump has his own set of legal issues. A recent Washington Post article claims Mr. Trump may face RICO charges in New York. Rudy Giuliani is the prosecutor who developed the RICO legal strategy to take down New York mob bosses.

 The Dominion Lawsuit Is Another Thorn In Rudy’s Legal Side

Dominion, the company that supplies state voting machines, filed a $1.8 billion lawsuit claiming Giuliani, Fox News, Sidney Powell, and the Pillow Guy spread enough disinformation about their voting machines to damage their reputation. Rudy’s lawyers asked the judge to dismiss the case because Dominion did not lose money because of Giuliani/s comments.

The Department of Justice also wants a piece of Rudy for acting like a government official when he met with Ukraine officials in order to find political dirt on the Biden’s. The American ambassador resigned because of Rudy’s behavior in Ukraine. And Trump became the third impeached president in history when he tried to pull a quid pro quo move on the President of Ukraine after getting a report from Giuliani about the dirt-gathering situation in Ukraine.

 Giuliani Faces Stiff Legal Fees, But He’s Still More GOP Popular Than Mitch McConnell

When Rudy appeared in the latest Borat movie, people thought he finally hit rock bottom in terms of what he would do to get attention. His critics said playing with his junk on camera was not a good look. But Rudy has a way of making everything he does and says sound sane. And that is why his fellow GOP members give him such a high favorable rating.

According to a new Economist/YouGov poll, 32% of the GOP respondents Gave Giuliani a “very favorable” rating. Another 34% gave Rudy a “somewhat favorable” rating. Only nine percent gave Rudy an “unfavorable rating.” Twelve percent of the GOP poll-takers gave him a “somewhat unfavorable” rating.

Mitch McConnell, the GOP leader in the Senate, only got a 10% “very favorable rating.” But he did get a 37% “somewhat favorable rating.” Even though Rudy created a lot of political turmoil, he stayed true to the GOP. His favorable ratings prove a large percentage of the Republican Party believes Rudy is still loyal to the conservative cause.

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