Giuliani Get Two Golden Raspberry Award Nominations

Rudy Giuliani stood behind his client Donald Trump through thick and thin while the real estate developer showed the world how he wanted to shake Washington and the rest of the world awake.

Rudy was a key player in the former president’s attempt to throw a Ukraine monkey wrench at Biden, so his credibility as a presidential candidate would suffer. Rudy became Trump’s personal state department official in Ukraine. He undermined U.S. State Department authority while he interviewed former Ukrainian government officials. Rudy wanted to dig up dirt on Hunter Biden. Hunter went to work for a large Ukraine gas company, and he earned a six-figure salary while Joe was VP.

Rudy continued to video-interview former Ukraine officials with ties to Russia in order to keep the Biden story alive. Rudy road the false Ukraine narrative until the end of the race. And he still believes Joe Biden pulled a quid pro quo move on Ukraine to get Hunter the gas board job.

Giuliani’s loyalty to Trump was on display frequently as the former president made moves and issued edicts that his critics said broke the law. Rudy used his ability, and he talked like a legal titan. A legal titan who had his version of the constitution in his back pocket, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Giuliani played an important role in Trump’s attempt to make the Steal the Vote a reality for Mr. Trump’s supporters. Rudy tried to bring his version of the election to the forefront during his media interviews. And he tried to make his case in court. But his performance during those hearings hurt what credibility he had left, according to the Washington Post.

The company that manufactures U.S. voting machines included Rudy in their mega-billion-dollar lawsuit against Fox News and another Trump attorney, Sidney Powell.

January 6th was the day Rudy stood behind the rally podium and backed the election fraud claim.

But despite all the nasty press and his on-camera legal rants that confused as well as bewilder some legal scholars, Giuliani received two Golden Raspberry Awards Nomination for his on-screen performance in the latest Borat film.

The scene that put Rudy in the running for a Razzie was when he slipped his hand down his pants while a young reporter acted as she had more on her mind than an interview.

Giuliani claimed he tried to fix his shirt. But his performance earned him the nomination for the worst supporting actor. The actress who played the reporter also earned a Razzie nomination for her part in his questionable acting scene.

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