Former U.S President Barack Obama Set to Launch his First Ever Podcast

The year 2021 has started with a bang for the former president Barack Obama. As the world continues to find ways to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, Barack Obama will be giving his followers a podcast to learn more about him. He has partnered with tech guru Bruce Springsteen to produce a Spotify podcast that will go live in the next few hours. Through his company, Higher Ground, he announced that the podcast’s episodes would be aired to his audience immediately after its launching.

What Constitutes this Spotify Podcast?

The podcast, which is titled Renegades: Born in the USA, is a discussion that includes some of his close friends who helped him during the 2008 United States General Election campaign. The podcast is made in series of eight chapters, each covering various topics.

Bruce Springsteen held conversations with Barack Obama at his home, which culminated in making the eight series podcast. Some of the key topics that the former president has discussed include marriage life and the United States status after his tenure. Barack Obama also discusses racial differences in the United States- blacks and whites- taking center stage. He gives differences between himself and Bruce Springsteen and acknowledges their commitment in using their influence to make the United States of America a great place for everyone.

The 2020 United States General Elections were one of the most divisive in the history of the country. Barack Obama and Bruce also talked about the need for the leaders to shun their personal ambitions and unite the country since the elections were over. The current President, Joe Biden, served under Obama’s administration as his primary assistant.

In his first term in office, Barack Obama had a successful tenure as the United States president, with one of his legacy being eliminating the 2001 terrorist attack mastermind, Osama Bin Laden. He has remained to be an influential figure in the United States and was part of the campaign team for the current president, Joe Biden. Barack Obama also participates in philanthropic activities with former first lady Michelle Obama.

Barack Obama is also a seasoned writer who has written about his personal life and politics. He also gives lectures in major universities in the United States. The news of the launching of his podcast will excite many of his followers. It is expected that the podcast will attract a massive audience from all over the world.

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