First Lady Jill Biden Spends First 100 Days Supporting President’s Agenda

First Lady Jill Biden is wasting no time in helping to support her husband’s agenda. Like the president, Biden has entirely focused her first 100 days in office on ending the pandemic and getting Americans back on their feet. In several interviews with reporters from CNN, multiple staffers with the East Wing say that First Lady Biden is foregoing much of the pomp and circumstance associated with her venerable position. These White House workers say that if one were to follow First Lady Biden on any given day, they would see that she is not interested in new designs for the mansion’s living quarters or embracing the latest fashion trends. Instead, Biden’s sole commitment is to the work of the nation.

Thus far, Biden has traveled to 14 states on over 12 work-related trips. The first lady’s engagements cover a variety of topics, including getting kids back in school, outreach to migrant workers, and convincing American of the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines. Throughout it all, Biden has shown that she shares her husband’s penchant for compassion and reaching out to people. As a working mother, political analysts point out that Biden can relate to others more easily than past first ladies. In a visit to a vaccine distribution site in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Biden spoke with a local resident who was concerned about getting the shot. Placing her hand on the woman’s shoulder, Biden relayed her own experience of getting the vaccine, saying that it ended up being quick and painless. The first lady then waited with the woman until it was her turn to get vaccinated against the virus.

To tackle the problems facing the United States, Biden has enlisted a team of the nation’s top policy advisers. Among the first lady’s key advisers are Julissa Reynoso, her chief of staff, and Mala Adiga, who also serves as deputy assistant to President Biden. Biden hopes that Reynoso, who formerly worked as an attorney, will be able to give her new insight into problems facing migrants from Latin America, a cause near and dear to the chief of staff. According to staffers, Biden will need all the help she can get in addressing the nation’s problems. Still finding her way in her new position, Biden hopes that her mere presence will be enough to reassure the country and let the nation’s most harried communities know that help is on the way.

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