FDA Orders 3 E-Cigarette Makers To Remove Their Products From The Market

On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration ordered 3 small manufacturers of flavored e-cigarettes to delist their products from the market. The announcement, which has been perceived as radical by some of the manufacturers comes months after FDA issued warning massages to the 3 manufacturers. According to the FDA, the order has been issued with immediate effect. The aim is to ensure JD Nova Group LLC, VaporSalon and Great American Vapes to delist some 55,000 of their existing products from the market or the companies risk their licenses being revoked.

FDA, in its defense on what necessitated the action said that the aforementioned companies have failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that their products will not cause any harm to their users. “We cannot see any evidence from these companies that their flavored e-cigarettes give ‘any substantive public health advantage’ to their users compared to the widely-known threat that has been documented over the years especially on the young adults who are the majority users,” said FDA. The federal agency went further to mention some of the brands, which it says are among the thousands that are already in the market and hundreds of others that are planned to be released. In a statement, the agency listed Cinnamon Toast Cereal, Dr. Cola, and Apple Crumble, among other favored e-cigarettes.

Janet Woodcock, the acting FDA commissioner, on a statement said it is important for the public to know that their public health is paramount to the agency. “We all know that flavored tobacco is so enticing. It is so appealing that sometimes it makes it difficult to assess the real danger but that does not mean we sit and do nothing. There is an underlying danger that is usually subtle to identify especially to young people. As such, there is dire need to continue being vigilant on what is brought to the market whether it is fit for common use or not,” said Ms. Woodcock.

The orders from the Food and Drug Administration come at a time adults have raised concern on the rising cases of young men and women consume flavored tobacco especially those that are filled with fruit aromas. The United States’ public health has also in the past several months argued that the number of young people subscribing to e-cigarettes is in itself an epidemic that unless dealt with, will bury the young generation. The public health adds that many young American are now consuming a lot of ‘soft nicotine’, which is concealed in flavored e-cigarettes.

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