Facebook Strengthen Its System Should Trump Reject Election Results

The United States of America are gearing for high stake presidential election. Joseph Biden is resolute to replace Trump. However, all social network platforms are making critical adjustments. Facebook, which the world-leading social platform is putting reliable mechanism curb any postelection contingencies.

The suspicion is rife that Trump may reject the presidential election results. Facebook administration is strengthening its system to deter any form of manipulation and hacking. Disabling social media platform will ensure millions of people are out of reach from vital information.

The social network is planning to seal the loopholes before and after voting.

The company’s staff at the Silicon Valley offices reiterated confidence in their proposed backup plan. The gaps like loss of email address of voting materials will be curtailed. The managerial team of Facebook is strategizing on how to depolarize the rising political temperatures.

Why would Trump choose to interfere with the giant social network?


Determination for another four -year term is overwhelming. Trump has used social media as a speaker to air his hard-hitting stand on elections. He has publicly interrogated the genuineness of mail-in voting. Repeatedly, he suggests that the American’s will not be subjected to mail voting.

Various social media companies are equally working on mechanisms to stop political ads after elections. In 2016, Russia used Facebook, tweeter, and YouTube to influence presidential elections. An elaborate plan to curb any misinformation regarding elections is necessary. Because it’s difficult to police what people write on social media, it is imperative to plan adequately on the best control measures.

Contrary, Facebook will face rare blackmail. Zuckerberg said they stand liberty of speech. Unlike other Twitter that marked trump political statement as non-factual. They opined that he had laced his message with a violent tone. On the other hand, Facebook feels that politicians’ comments have a considerable following, and they are free to air their thoughts. Should they go and restrict communications in their platform after elections, they will be sending a mixed signal of biasness.

In a short interview conducted by The New York Times two months ago, Zuckerberg said that” in politics anything is possible.” He commented that election might take days and months to conclude, and the future is unpredictable. One of the Facebook employees confirmed that preparations for the postelection outcome are their top priority.

This one will shock you!

Google company, which is the owner of your tube, has assertively confirmed that they are consulting widely. The focus is to come up with a workable postelection strategy. Regrettably, they decline to explain further. Jessica Herrera, the Twitter vice president on public policy, confirmed that they are reviewing their conversation policies. Their primary concern is preelection and postelection tweet conversations.

Facebook’s primary concern in 2016 was the preelection period. However, it was the time Russian messed-up everything. They hacked the system and had their way, and Trump won elections. From January 2020, most Russian campaign blogs have bought political ads. They have created campaign mails for trump political rallies that seem to worry about the opposition. Their involvement in the last election cannot be underrated. The CEO of Facebook is under intense pressure to tighten the platform. On his part, he has suggested partnering with the electoral commission and cyber-crime unit. Trump knows the power of the social network and can any length to have it on his purse.

The credible electoral process is the desire of the Americans. Russian secret hand in meddling with the USA elections is worrying. The bold step by Facebook to tighten its loose ends is lending credence to the process. The revision of conversation policies by other industry players like YouTube and Twitter is an excellent move.

The election cycle is four years, and it is the Americans who know the need to be fixed. Some believe Trump is the deal if given a second chance. Others believe Biden is the messiah. Trump should honorably go home if defeated and should not cling to power or incite violence. Facebook is determined not to retake the blame.


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