Facebook Deletes President Trump’s Controversial CoronaVirus Video

President Trump has been known to express interesting opinions throughout his tenure. Still, his recent remarks may have violated Facebook’s policies that were put in place to prevent the spread of misinformation during the 2020 global pandemic.

The President tends to pour his take on social issues, primarily on social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. The public has criticized the two tech giants on multiple occasions for being slow to take action on posts that warranty regulation.

Twitter was reported to be keen on taking action to flag several tweets by the President for being abusive. Facebook, on the other hand, may come off as lenient. Still, their decision to pull down the President’s video on 2nd September 2020 shows their commitment to contribute positively to the CoronaVirus pandemic.

The Contents Of The President’s CoronaVirus Video

In the video, the President appears to have suggested that children may be immune to the deadly COVID-19. According to a Facebook spokesperson, this claim is not only misleading but a clear violation of the platform’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Previously Facebook CEO stressed that the platform was going to delete any content that seems to promote COVID-19 vaccines and cures that have not been approved by reputable health authorities.

There are no traces of the video on President Trump’s official Facebook account, and the tech giant has insisted that it’s not their policy to offer explanations after taking such actions.

Twitter has not been forthcoming concerning the post version that was posted on the President’s official Twitter feed. The social media platform officials have remained mum on whether the President’s tweet violates their user terms and conditions.

However, in July, they took a notable action to temporarily suspend a Tweeter account of the President’s son. Who, according to multiple sources, has been notoriously spreading conspiracy theories on social media. The temporary ban comes right after a video that contained misinformation on COVID-19 was posted on his Twitter feed.

Facebook has also prohibited advertisement that promotes services and products related to the alleviation of COVID-19. It is also strongly recommended that the general public be alert when consuming news due to the rise of fake news.

Any content should be double-checked, especially if it’s originating from a public figure and here are ways to go about the verification process:

  • Look at the URL to see if it contains additional characters that don’t appear in the original domain name.
  • The content should also appear on the major news outlets such as Mashable, CNN, NYTimes, among other reputable platforms.
  • Verify the story’s original publication date but search the headline on multiple authority websites.
  • It is useful for the public to use tools such as Snopes, which is a fact-checking platform that verifies the legitimacy of online content.

Facebook’s decision to delete the President’s post is the right step in being proactive about self-regulation, which is another area the public does not believe social media platforms take seriously. The measure also sheds light on Facebook’s commitment to fighting the CoronaVirus.



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