Emmanuel Sanon: The Alleged Suspect Behind Haiti’s President Murder Plot

There is a controversy over why and who got involved in the Haitian President’s assassination. However, as the police investigation intensifies, Emmanuel Sanon, one of the key suspects behind Haiti’s President murder plot, was arrested. The alleged suspect is an evangelical pastor who has lived in Florida for decades. The situation has overwhelmed the Haitian citizens and many people worldwide. Sanon is suspected to be among the masterminds behind recruiting a group of people involved in the President’s murder. The hitmen stormed President Moise’s palace and shot him to death while leaving his wife injured. Sanon had manifested some political interests and a desire to fight corruption in Haiti. However, his counterparts claimed that Sanon had no intention to commit murder.

Besides being an evangelical minister, Sanon also claims to be a Medical Doctor. He also identifies himself on social media as a Haitian leader full of integrity with positive intentions and acts. He attended and graduated from one of the Dominican Republic universities and a theological seminary institution in Kansas, Missouri. While in Florida in the early 2000s, Sanon worked on humanitarian projects. He served as ‘Organization Rome Haiti’ leader, a non-profit organization that assisted Haitian citizens with supplies after the 2010 earthquake. Since 2013, Sanon has been experiencing financial challenges, and most of his businesses are currently inactive. In an interview with ‘the New York Times,’ a university professor in Haiti said Sanon claimed to have been sent by God to inherit the presidential position.

Leon Charles, the Haitian police chief, said Sanon might have hired a security company from Miami, which granted the former Colombian soldiers to commit murder. Charles pointed out that Sanon came back to Haiti for some political reasons. Sanon had come along with the perpetrators in his private jet. Meanwhile, the Haitian police thought the perpetrators were Sanon’s guards. It was too late when the police realized the presidential abduction and consequent killing.

Currently, it is unclear who can replace the presidential position after Moise’s murder. The Haitians are confused, and there is even a prospect of more political unrest if the situation remains unsolved. Before the assassination, Haitians protested against the corrupt government, which tarnished the government and public relationship. However, the United States government is conducting dialogue with Haitian police and other political leaders to restore peace and conduct fair elections.

Haiti is currently in chaos, and other states must learn from such political mistakes. Corruption and greed in the government may lead to killings, underdevelopment, and constant protests, among other political-related problems in any given state.

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