Elon Musk’s Revolutionary Ideas in Transforming the World

Technology is in swift motion and will continue transforming its face quickly in the coming years. The rise of the computer and internet age from the early 1980s has seen incredible technology entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and much more profoundly impact the world. These tech entrepreneurs have indeed managed to blend their technical abundances with great management execs to forge a legacy and reputation from scratch. Elon Musk is a 21st-century tech entrepreneur who has garnered a myriad of industry accolades for his prolific inventions.

Indeed, the accomplished entrepreneur began inventing things from an early age. His efforts and drive in software enterprises have emerged into mass-transportation and consumer products vision. Elon Musk’s successful track record has left many doubters muted. Impressively, his accomplishments and breakthrough thinking have seen him build a wealth of $13.5 billion. However, there is plenty to Musk featuring revolutionary patents, companies, ideas, and products.

Tesla Motors

Today, it is impossible to ponder about Elon Musk without Tesla coming into your mind. Tesla is a renowned publicly traded electric-car enterprise with nearly $213 shares at the moment. Moreover, Tesla claims robust guidance and drive for future deliveries. This fantastic company aims to sell a considerable amount of its stock to fund various capital expenditures.

SpaceX Falcon rocket

This is yet an incredible invention by Elon Musk. The entrepreneur’s company is prominent as his automobiles. He established SpaceX in 2002 to enable the colonization of various planets and minimize the transportation cost for space exploration. The company has emerged extensively to carve a name in the technology scope by developing a spacecraft.


This is one of Elon Musk’s most ambitious ideas. This is a unique transportation system projected to transform the transport sector. The transportation system is prospected to function in a tube with minimal pressure to enable high speeds of nearly 800 miles per hour. This is a huge speed bump with low power consumption that is set to start construction soon.

SolarCity, Solar-power systems

SolarCity was initiated in 2006 by Musk together with his cousin. With conscious efforts, the firm has grown significantly to become one of the leading providers of solar power systems within the country. Centered in California, SolarCity has increased its marketability to nearly 14 states. Additionally, the company has also merged with Tesla to bring forth complimentary solar-powered charging locations.

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