Elon Musk Set to Improve Gaming Experience

Gamers should be getting ready for faster game time, thanks to Elon Musk. Musk’s Starlink space-based internet service is going to make playing online games even better.

The main issue that hampers play is Internet connectivity and speed. Through satellite technology, Starlink is going to improve both of these factors.

Musk delivered this news through his social media account. He noted that the new satellite links would positively impact specific games. Specifically, first-person shooting platforms will garner the most benefit from this new uplink.

Currently, individuals that hook up through Starlink may experience some frustrating lag time during shooting scenes. Some of the conditions that cause this might be location and the quality of the feed.

With the help of SpaceX, Starlink will be altering the transmission speed. Technicians will narrow feedback loops to less than 20 milliseconds. This increase will eliminate most of the lag and frustration. Once activated around the globe, this new setup may very well increase the world of competitive gaming.

Musk and his technical team plan on pulling off this feat by doing work on the ground. The satellites in orbit seem to be sufficient enough to power the gameplay. The problem appears to be the setup on the earth.

Starlink has begun building new facilities around the planet. These structures will connect to each other with fiber optics. Many of them will use local connections to communicate. As the new network is established, it will transmit the data to the satellites.

In a tweet, Musk went on to explain that some internet protocols were foolish. He noted that some bundled routing techniques were old-fashioned. From this comment, we can take away that he has devised some new methods to streamline this process.

To give you some idea of his methodology, Musk has referred to the speed of light as it pertains to satellite transmissions. When a layperson compares the two, they may seem unrelated, but when it comes from the mind of Elon Musk, it just feels like another new invention is on the horizon.

Starlink and SpaceX use laser technology to communicate and share data. This stream can hold enormous amounts of information, which connects his speed of light reference.

These improvements should be noticeable shortly. Starlink has been monitoring and adjusting its tools several times every month. At this pace, the speed should be doubled by the end of the year.

Serious gamers should get ready for new competition as fresh faces will likely join this expanding sport because of this new level of accessibility and play.

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