Elon Musk Provided Updates on the Following Missions Updates That SpaceX Is Organizing

The race to space tourism is gaining momentum each day, and billionaires worldwide are increasing their investments in this new venture. One of the billionaires who have invested heavily in this space is the American billionaire and the founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk. Through his company SpaceX, Elon Musk has announced they are working on moderates under which they are looking forward to taking the first civilian to space. The company Chief Executive Officer is committed to upgrading their flight to overcome their challenges on handling more crew and toilet from the passengers. In his statement released to the public, Elon Musk specifically addressed the toilet issue and promised that the next SpaceX mission would come equipped with a better toilet.

For the past few weeks, SpaceX has been involved in a series of tests, and last week, they completed what can get considered a milestone in this journey to take a civilian to space. The Inspiration4 is a project that is quite close to Elon Musk and gets meant to revolutionize space tourism as we all know it. Despite the challenges with the toilet, the entire inspiration was quite a success, noted SpaceX Chief Executive Officer and founder Elon Musk.

The new version of the space shuttle expected to get released soon will feature upgraded social amenities, and this gets expected to get featured in what is referred to as the space tourist flight to get unveiled in coming weeks. Elon Musk has been testing this territory for quite some time and in the last inpiration4 crew consisted of a team that consisted of four civilian’s astronauts. The entire crew aboard SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. Exploration took approximately four days as the whole crew safely landed back on earth on Sunday after leaving the space on the previous Wednesday.

Recently, Elon Musk has been in the limelight addressing a cross-section of the media regarding this developing story. He has also been engaging the public through his official Twitter handle. He has also provided updates on the following missions updates that SpaceX is organizing in the coming few days.

Some of the critical challenges that the billionaire Elon Musk has been updating are all related to the issues to improve the space shuttle social amenities. The toilet that Elon admits has presented some headaches to the company. One of the passengers in the SpaceX recent Inspiration4 elaborated that the bathroom on this spaceship gets located at the ceiling, and this got done to provide the crew with an ultimate 360 view while they are using the bathroom. He admits that the toilet lacks privacy which is a challenge that space is dealing with and rectifying.

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