Dylan Dreyer Has Third Son

The weather is an important thing that many people want to know about. Viewers look many sources of news to find out what out what they can expect as they head to work. One person who helps them do this is Today Show meteorologist Dylan Dreyer. Dreyer is a graduate of Rutgers and one of the most famous of all weather people on the air today. She’s also someone who loves being a mom. That’s why she’s proud to announce that she and her husband have welcomed a new addition to their home. Their third son has come into the world early.

Mom to Three

Dylan Dreyer is now a mom to three boys and pleased at having the family she’s always wanted. Her first son, Calvin, is four years old and happy to be a big brother. Her second son, Oliver is a thriving toddler. The third son Russell now has a September birthday and joins his siblings. He and his two brothers have been welcomed by the forty year old mother and father Brian Fichera. Their eldest son was born on December 17, 2016. Her second son arrived in the world on January 2, 2020.

A New Family

The new family is very much being celebrated by Dreyer’s Today Show family. She is part of a group of people dedicated to bringing news to people on their way to work early in the morning. The show is about many things including letting people know what they need to know to get their day off on the right foot. Dreyer became part of the NBC News team in 2012. Since then, she has worked in a wide variety of jobs for the network. Her ability to convey news about the weather has earned her many fans.

Many Previous Jobs

Dreyer has always had a desire to be part of the world of broadcasting. She has worked in many areas of television. The New Jersey native has been on air in several places in the United States over the years including Erie Pennsylvania as well as Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island. Balancing her career and family is something she likes doing. The new son in her family means that she can have both a family and a chance to do what she loves. Viewers are delighted to share her ongoing, on air journey.

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