Dutch Teen To Become Youngest “Astronaut” On Bezos’ Blue Origin Rocket Flight

At just turning age 18, Dutch teen Oliver Daemen, will join Amazon’s Jeff Bezos as the youngest space traveler when Blue Origin rocket launches on Tuesday, July 20th. Yes, Oliver is a paying customer thanks to his dad, Somerset Capital Partners CEO Joes Daemen, according to an item reported by NBCNews. The price has not been disclosed.

“Super Excited” To Hop Onboard

Oliver’s an ambitious student who plans to study physics and innovation management this autumn at the Netherlands’ University of Utrecht. He even took off a year so that he could attain his private pilot’s license.

The teen is excited about his rocket launch into space and has been an avid follower of everything planetary since he was a boy. Oliver says he has dreamt about blasting off into space for his entire young life.

Four-Person Crew With The Bezos Bros.

Oliver will join billionaire Jeff Bezos, Bezos’s younger brother Mark and Wally Funk on Blue Origin’s first flight.

Funk, who is female, is an honored guest and has training as a real astronaut. In 1961, she was named at the top of her class as part of the ‘Mercury 13’ Woman in Space Program. Unfortunately, the program was later canceled, and none of the 13-member crew got a chance to fly into space.

While Oliver is the youngest astronaut crew member, Wally Funk is the oldest at 82.

Interestingly, the late famous astronaut John Glenn had returned to space in 1998 at the age of 77.

Oliver In Great Shape And Ready

The name of Blue Origin’s suborbital space tourism rocket is called “New Shepard,” and there are limitations on who can step onboard for blast-off.

For example, the flight is reserved only for those 18 or older, which Oliver passes.

Next, you have to be fit enough to climb seven flights of stairs in 90 seconds.

Your height has to come in at between 5’0″ and 6’4″; your weight must fall between 110 pounds and 223 pounds.

There are other tests you must pass such as spending up to 90 minutes strapped into the capsule with the hatch closed.

An Exciting Journey Far, Far Away

Traveling to the edge of space is quite an incredible feat, and Blue Origin says that Oliver Daemen represents a new generation of people who will help Americans build a road to space.

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