Dr. Tom Frieden Take on the COVID-19 Vaccine Development

The latest interruptions to clinical trials assessing a possible COVID-19 vaccine because of safety concerns need not cause any public concerns, according to the former director at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Dr. Tom Frieden. He added that this move was proof that legislators and drug manufacturers keep their dedication to the strict scientific rules that guide trials. They look for ways to speed up vaccine development timeframes in the ongoing epidemic.

Dr. Tom Frieden stated that this was sort of ironic, although it is a reassuring step. This is because people anticipate seeing indicators that may fail to show an issue. They expect firms to stop and take a careful assessment of the situation. Dr. Tom Frieden headed the CDC between 2009 and 2017, which was during the reign of President Obama. The medical professional added that it provides reassurance that people are following the safety protocols.

Pausing Clinical Trial

Dr. Tom Frieden commented on the disruption of this clinical trial shortly after the Eli Lilly news. United States regulatory bodies halted a late-stage clinical trial of the antibody treatment for coronavirus. This was to assess the possible safety concern for this experiment. Around the same time, Johnson & Johnson affirmed that its large-scale COVID-19 vaccine test was being stopped.

This was on the grounds of participant evaluation of (AE) adverse event by the safety tracking board. It is still to be determined if the person got the placebo treatment or vaccine. AstraZeneca is a British pharmaceutical business whose vaccine trial is being held in the United States following a report on an unexplained condition in a subject in the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom and other states have permitted the clinical trial’s resumption.

Understanding the Stages of a Drug Trial

Medical professionals have mentioned that pauses during drug trials are a common occurrence. This is expected during the development of medications and vaccines, which generally takes years before completion. However, the new safety discontinuation has attracted a lot of attention. The entire world struggles with a public health crisis responsible for more than one million deaths and crippling economies. Notably, there is an increasing concern in the United States regarding the approval of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Some were afraid that the process could be rushed. However, Dr. Stephen Hahn, the lead at the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), was quick to ease these worries. Dr. Stephen Hahn mentioned that he has no plans of rejecting the opinion of career researchers at the institution. Dr. Tom Frieden recognized the trust issues concerning the COVID-19 vaccine.

Nonetheless, the previous health commissioner of New York City stated that the general public needed to wait for further insights before making any conclusions. He believes that with time, gathered data will reveal more on the nature of the vaccine.

Final Thoughts

Dr. Tom Frieden has served in the public health sector for a long time. During his time as the CDC director, he had oversight responsibilities towards the Ebola pandemic containment. His expertise comes in handy now that the world is facing a public health crisis. He provides guidelines on COVID-19 testing, reopening phases, and improving resilience for people with chronic conditions.

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