Dr. Fauci Warns That Sturgis Rally In South Dakota Could Become Another Superspreader Event

America’s top leading Scientist Dr. Anthony Fauci is a worried and concerned man. In a recent meet the press program, Dr. Fauci expressed his concerns over the rising Covid-19 cases in the county amid the ongoing plans to have the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally held annually in South Dakota. When the event was held last year, he stated that cases rose sharply. The number of resulting deaths jumped significantly, prompting the labeling of the rally as a superspreader event.

Dr. auci expressed his worry that the current Delta variant is extremely dangerous than the earlier variant after the mutations. He stated that his concern is that another rally was underway in the same area and that with the high infection rate of the Delta variants, more lives would be lost. Part of his concern is the low vaccination rates in South Dakota, where only 46 percent of the population is vaccinated, which is way below the national average of 60.6 percent.

 The rally is among the most famous sporting event in America, drawing thousands of people from across the country. During last year’s event, more than 100,000 people attended. Unfortunately, thousands of the attendees got infected during the event, and they later returned to their home states hence spreading the virus significantly. During this year’s event, it is estimated that more than 700,000 individuals will attend the event. Such a significant number raises the possibility of thousands getting infected, spreading the virus country and negating the government efforts to contain the infection rates.

In South Dakota, the officials are working closely with the event to spread vaccine awareness. Additionally, the state authorities are allowing alcohol consumption outside to reduce the risk and interest of people to attend the event. Finally, Dr. Fauci expressed his concern that people are not considerate of the prevailing conditions. He argued that although the government must respect people’s freedoms and the desire to do things, people ought to consider that the world is in the middle of public health crisis where some things should supersede others, especially since they involve everyone, including one’s family.

Dr. Fauci is apprehensive of the event stating that the Delta variant is ravaging the country with unprecedented enthusiasm. He argues that everyone should focus on keeping the pandemic under control by avoiding behavior that assumes nothing happens. His concern is especially that vaccination efforts face snarls ups in Southern states since the opposition is high. He cites that governors in some southern states have refused to implement mask mandates, further putting people in danger. Dr. Fauci reassured people that the vaccines are working against the Delta variant by reducing an individual’s vulnerability.

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