Douglas Emhoff: What You Need to Know

If you do not know much about Douglas Emhoff yet, there is a good chance that you will after this week.

As the husband of the presumptive vice-presidential nominee for the Democratic Party, Emhoff is set to make history in the coming months. On Tuesday, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced that he was choosing California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate for the upcoming November election.

Not the Only One Making History: All of the media has been rightfully focused on the racial and gender barriers that are being torn down with the Harris nomination. With Biden’s decision, Harris became the first Black and Indian American woman to be a part of a major political party ticket. However, this is not the only history that is being made. If Biden and Harris emerge as victorious on November 3, Emhoff will also make history as the first male spouse of an American vice president. The term “second gentleman” is already being thrown around as Emhoff’s possible new moniker.

Who is Emhoff? A native of Brooklyn, New York, Emhoff is of Jewish descent. Emhoff moved to Southern California when he was 17. After graduating from the University of California Northridge, he went on to earn a law degree at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law. With a law degree in hand, he carved out a successful career as an entertainment litigator.

Emhoff is currently employed by DLA Piper, working out their offices in both California and Washington, DC. He has been vocal about wanting to continue his work as a litigator because it is his passion.

Personal History of Emhoff and Harris: Both Harris and Emhoff are 55 years old. The pair met on a blind date in 2013. At the time, Harris was enjoying her role as California’s attorney general. According to an excerpt in her 2019 memoir, Harris said that Emhoff emailed her the morning after the first date asking her for her availability over the next few months. The two immediately hit it off, marrying in a courthouse ceremony in Santa Barbara the next year. The ceremony was officiated by Harris’ sister Maya.

This was Harris’ first marriage and Emhoff’s second. He was previously married to Kerstin Emhoff, sharing two children named Cole and Ella. Harris said that she is affectionately referred to as “Momala” by her two stepchildren. Emhoff and his ex-wife share an amicable relationship, a fact that Harris is vocally proud to be a part of.

Emhoff’s Role in the Upcoming Election: The jury is still out on how pivotal of a role that Emhoff will play in the upcoming election. When Harris began her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination last year, Emhoff played a largely silent role. Although he was frequently seen on the sidelines supporting his wife as she campaigned, he generally stood out of the media spotlight. Of course, everything changes when it comes to a general election, especially for an election that is sure to be hotly contested.

All eyes will be on Emhoff as his wife takes to the big stage this week at the Democratic National Convention. Look for him to step out and take on a bigger role as Biden and Harris push forward in their quest to continue to make history.

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