American voters got their first taste of the former vice president Joe Biden and the current US President Donald J. Trump side by side this week during a separate town hall meet.

It’s sort of a lead up to the first presidential debate that’s coming at the end of the month. It comes a moment not too soon as early in-person voting recently started in Wyoming, Minnesota, Virginia, and South Dakota. Some of the voters found long and socially distant lines to cast ballots that are going to count in November’s election.

But as America slowly approaches another sad milestone of 200000 deaths as the pandemic continues to rage on, Donald Trump has claimed that there will be more than COVID – 19 vaccines by April for every American.

Earlier the director of the Center for Disease Control in the U.S, DR. Robert Redfield said while in a hearing in Seattle the American public should expect to begin seeing results from the COVID – 19 vaccination by the second or quarter of 2021. It would take almost six or nine months for enough people to get the vaccine and create immunity if the vaccine was released today. There is a recent rise in skepticism in Donald Trump’s push for a vaccine.

A recent poll found that 62% of US citizens believe the FDA would crack under pressure from Trump and force through a coronavirus vaccine before it’s ensured to be effective and safe. Donald Trump’s announced that $13 billion is going to be used to help Puerto Rico recover from the damage caused by Hurricane Maria, the hurricane hit the island almost three years ago and it has raised suspicion about the proximity to the election date. In the announcement for the aid, Donald Trump did not acknowledge that his administration was slow to react to the deadly hurricane and the president instead blamed the past presidential administration and the democrats for allocating funds that his administration has provided.

The relationship between Donald Trump and the island of Puerto Rico can be best described as strained. After the hurricane hit the island and caused millions of damage the president considered selling Puerto Rico. While in Florida which is an important swing state the recent polls have shown Joe Biden and Donald Trump are neck and neck and this has been caused by the recent influx of Puerto Ricans who have moved and settled there after their island was destroyed by the hurricane

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