Donald Trump Concedes Defeat

For the first time after Joe Biden won the elections, President Donald Trump publicly conceded defeat and announced that he would not serve a second term. However, the president did not congratulate President-elect Joe Biden; but instead, he accepted power transfer.

The acknowledgement comes after Trump’s flawed and harmful attempt to topple the election outcome, which resulted in violent scenes as his supporters swarmed the U.S. capitol building. The riots saw congress members being escorted out by the police as the joint meeting planned by Congress to certify Mr Biden’s win got suspended and coerced into a recess.

The violence has since seen at least four deaths and many people injured and rushed to the hospital. Gun drawn could be heard in the U.S. capitol, with police been wounded in the stampede and armed clashes at the House of Representatives door.

Later on, Mr Biden would refer to the demonstration as a rebellion, which last saw Mr Trump released a video message urging his supporters to go home.

Trump Condemn the Violence in Washington

Early today, Trump’s spokeswoman stated that the president and his supporters denounce demonstrators who attacked the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Donald Trump said that the violence that happened was horrific, disgraceful, and contrary to the American way.

White House Press Secretary McEnaney noted that the president and his administration condemn the act in the strongest possible terms.

The violent riots have appeared to end as of now, and Americans are waiting for 13 days for Biden’s inauguration to take place.

Trump has coincided in a video taken in the White House that on 20th January 2021, a new administration will come to power. He said that he is now focusing his attention on a smooth, well organized, and flawless power transition.

However, a White House adviser in a conversation with top officials said that Trump rushed to record the video since his presidency was intimidated by emerging resignations and possible impeachment.

For over two months now, Trump refused to recognize his loss amidst heightened calls for either his withdrawal from office or a raw impeachment. His recognition has come when legal questions have been whirling about his accountability for stirring up rioters who seized the U.S. Capitol.

Robert O’Brien Still in Office

Amidst the resignation of many officials in Trump’s administration, one person whom we all thought would resign on Wednesday after the violent riots have since sorted to remain in the administration. The national security adviser Robert O’Brien has notified supporters that he plans to stay in the office until Trump calls it Quit. However, his plans are bound to change according to Trump’s decisions. O’Brien came to such a conclusion days before Trump released his coinciding statement.

But why would O’Brien want to stay in the office even after Trump’s loss? The adviser compelled to linger around by other senior staff who showed their concern regarding an empty pole’s national security interference in the last days of administration.

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