Donald Trump Accepts to Hand Over Power

For the first time, President Trump has accepted his defeat and declared that there would be a smooth transition of power. This came just a day after chaos erupted at Capitol Hill, where his supporters stormed the building and interfered with the peaceful power exchange. This caused destruction and fracas in the building that lasted for over six hours.

Trump announced that even though he fully disagrees with the election results, there will be a smooth power transition on January 20th. He said this in a statement posted on his social media director’s Twitter account after the company locking his own accounts for posting messages that were defaming the democracy of the nation.

When ahead to say, Trump marked the beginning of their struggle to make America great again, although it represents the end of the mightiest first-term president in history.

This statement marks the first time Trump acknowledged his defeat officially after spending the past couple of months refuting. Over the last two months, Trump has been throwing unsubstantiated claims of widespread rigging even after some of his own officials declaring that the elections were conducted in a free and fair manner. His refusal to accept the defeat and his provocative remarks peaked last Wednesday when his supporters stormed into Capitol Hill in what is considered one of the most trembling occurrences in the American political power. Police reports indicate that four people died during the fracas and among the causalities included one woman who was shot by a police officer.

Members of the congress were forced into hiding as the scene turned nasty.

Earlier on, Trump had mobilized his supporters to mark the building in protest of the lawmakers’ actions. This later appeared to be why the violence where charged supporters clashed with the police at the venue. Leading to causalities, an act that has been condemned by several leaders.

Trump’s reaction to the violence emphasized his month-long passion for trying to challenge the election results. During his final days in the office, angrily lashing out at Republicans as he refused to accept defeat. Trump also has been in the spotlight for speaking out his mind without fear or favor.

Trump could not post his statement on his Facebook or Twitter account since both accounts had been blocked from posting. It was believed that he was using his accounts to post messages that could lead to violence.

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the U.S. Before venturing into politics; he was a television personality and a businessman. He joined politics in2006 presidential elections with the Republican party. Although he lost the popular vote to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, he won the Electoral College votes to become the 45th president of the United States. Trump becomes America’s oldest first-term president and also the first without prior government or military service. During his tenure, his election and policies ignited many protests. He made several misleading and false statements during his campaigns and presidency. Most of his actions and comments have characterized him as a racist.

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