Doe Deere – A Typical Workday

Doe Deere taking a photo in her bedroom

Doe Deere, a 36-year-old makeup and clothing line entrepreneur, fashion blogger and totally free-spirit, has nurtured her business and stepped out with some genuinely bold fashion ideas which also exhibit her fondness for boldness and its sister quality, extravagance, which Doe uses in her fashion choices to great effect. This is a woman who seems to have taken the fashion world by storm in the past 9 years. Her timing is also impeccable.

Consider her Lime Crime brand of makeup products. With the spreading popularity of veganism and with many millennials taking up more socially conscious causes recently — including joining up with worldwide efforts to fight animal cruelty — her 100% vegan makeup line is likely to continue to thrive with her firmly at the helm.

Doe Deere was born in Izhevsk, Russia in the early ’80s and spent her early years there, moving to New York City to chase opportunity when she was 17. She was always an entrepreneurial and fashion-minded person. Her business instincts were forged in grade school when she first dabbled in capitalism and effective marketing, successfully selling temporary tattoos to classmates and having plenty of fun all along. Doe was just a little girl when she discovered what was to become her twin primary passions, makeup and fashion, when she participated in a sleepover and all the children dressed up as witches.

If such talents and boundless energy weren’t impressive enough, Doe was at an earlier time consumed with her dream of becoming a successful musician. While that didn’t pan out exactly as she may have hoped, the band she was a part of, sky Salt, presented Doe with the chance to meet the man, Mark, who would later become her husband as well as the President of Lime Crime.

How Doe Deere begins her day

Doe is a very busy person, but she almost always makes time to recharge with a leisurely morning beauty routine that Doe tries to adhere to without fail because it is so important to her. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call her the ultimate morning person. It is her favorite time of the day and she enjoys it immensely.

Doe tries to get nine hours of sleep per night, but at whatever time she finds herself falling asleep, she never fails to wake up promptly at 8:30 the next morning. No, it isn’t magic. Some people have amazingly consistent body clocks, scientifically called circadian rhythms, which act as humanity’s first – and best — alarm clock.

After leisurely getting out of bed, Doe can begin to dreamily and luxuriously savor all of the morning’s delights. She begins her breakfast with a full glass of water, because staying well-hydrated — especially in semi-arid L.A. — is important in several ways, not least for beauty reasons.

After a few stretching exercises, Doe’s ready to enjoy her breakfast — usually something like yogurt, grits, fruit or a nice blend – while taking pleasure in dreamily gazing out the window. A particular delight is her daily batch of freshly squeezed orange juice which is sourced literally right outside from her backyard orchard.

Getting down to Business

Doe then attends to a few business matters, news and fashion trends via Instagram on her phone. She chats with her LimeCrime team and then turns to her makeup routine in earnest. Doe showers every evening, so by the morning her hair is dry and ready to be machine curled with a curling iron that aids her in achieving her signature look, big curls that fall far down past her shoulders.

Doe always moisturizes and cleans her face. Next up is to apply a foundation. While Doe uses makeup products from her own company, Lime Crime doesn’t yet have a foundation, so she depends on other brands for this. After setting her makeup and being sure to fill in her brows, Doe proceeds to her favorite part of her typically 15-minute makeup routine: lipstick and blush. Her favorite shades at the moment are red and pink.

Off to the Office

Before heading out to her business’ headquarters, Doe spends some quality time with her two adorable cats. She usually arrives at work around noon sits for an enjoyable, chatty lunch with her fellow coworkers. She then takes part in various business activities. When it comes to her brand, Deere is very knowledgeable so is able to participate in every department. If she is needed to help with marketing and social media, she does so. If she needs to do some brainstorming, she accompanies her Chief Creative Officer in thinking of ways they can expand the company’s product line. She usually calls it quits for the work day around 6:00pm unless a product launch is imminent or other pressing matters are present.

This is Doe Deere’s normal morning/beauty and workday routine, and she has so far made it work wonderfully for her and her family.


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