Director Wants The Rock To Star In Space Jam 3

The lead role of Space Jam films may not be exclusive to elite basketball players. Space Jam: A New Legacy is the standalone sequel to the 1996 Space Jam film. A New Legacy was released in theaters and HBO Max in the United States on July 16. While the 1996 film starred NBA legend Michael Jordan, A New Legacy will feature LeBron James. Malcolm D. Lee is the director for A New Legacy. If A New Legacy proves to be successful, then Lee could be brought back for more films. If things end up working out, then Lee has someone in mind for Space Jam 3.

Lee told Entertainment Weekly that the celebrity he could be eyeing for a potential Space Jam 3 film is none other than The Rock. Perhaps the most popular actor at the moment, The Rock was laying the smackdown under the WWE banner before he became a Hollywood sensation. The Rock is multi-talented but he’s never been known for his skills on the court. He is a legitimate athlete, having played college football before an injury derailed his plans to go pro. While basketball isn’t his strong suit, The Rock has been known to have great success simply being an over-the-top version of himself in movies.

When it comes to the logic behind potentially casting The Rock in a lead role for Space Jam 3, Lee says that the bar has been raised thanks to Jordan and LeBron. Lee believes The Rock could make things interesting and give a new twist to the Space Jam franchise. Of course, it’s all speculation at this point as the future of Space Jam could hinge on whether or not A New Legacy is successful in the box office. Out the gate, Space Jam has a tough task going up against Marvel’s Black Widow. The good news is that A New Legacy has dropped a week later rather than the same day.

At this time, a follow-up to A New Legacy has not been confirmed by Warner Bros. The company is hoping that the nostalgia factor will be enough to give A New Legacy a strong boost.

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