Daniel Johnson View on Cryptocurrencies in Today’s Investing

Cryptocurrencies are taking the fintech market in a storm, and investing in such a venture requires some fundamental understanding of how the entire industry works. Even the best finance experts find it slightly aggravating to invest in cryptocurrencies. Crypto as the whole market is considered volatile, and it’s a speculative investment, and as financial Expert Suze Orman advises, it’s essential to trend with much caution. Well, this is not to discourage any investor interested in investing in this sector. Crypto is more than buying and holding cryptocurrencies, and it’s not a surprise that you might have interacted with cryptocurrencies without prior knowledge about it.

There are several ways one can invest in the crypto market, and investing without buying a single cryptocurrency is the easiest way to do it. Suze Orman advises that purchasing stock in a company with a stake in cryptocurrency or any other blockchain technology is the easiest way to invest in crypto without buying crypto.

Investing in the stock market has the same challenges as investing in cryptocurrency. It’s important to follow expert advice on the best ways to invest in either market. Most of the time, finance experts advise that a person targeting to invest in this volatile market considers diversifying their investment rather than putting their eggs in one basket. Investing in ETFs and index funds are some of the available investment options and have proven to be valuable in short and long-term goals.

One of the best ways to interact with cryptocurrency without any knowledge of their doing is when one allocates their retirement benefits to the index value. Such an investment portfolio gets managed the same as cryptocurrencies work.

It’s not a surprise that most companies trading as index funds usually own large quantities of cryptocurrencies. At times they are involved in the actual crypto mining. Daniel Johnson of the famous CPS notes that index funds are investing heavily in the development of blockchain technology, and their balance sheets have vast deposits of cryptocurrencies.

One perfect example of a company that has invested quite a substantial amount in cryptocurrency is Tesla. Tesla is quite famous for manufacturing high-end model automobiles known as Tesla and getting associated by Billionaire Elon Musk. Tesla has approximately over a billion-dollar worth of cryptocurrency in the form of Bitcoin. The company also accepts bitcoin as a form of payment, cementing its involvement in developing cryptocurrency in the market. Tesla’s involvement of Bitcoin as part of its transaction has risen the status of Bitcoin in the market.

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