Daniel Darling Fired After Endorsing Vaccines, Takes a Leadership Role

Daniel Darling, a former pharma executive who was fired for endorsing vaccinations in an interview with CNBC, has found new employment in the leadership role of Chief Marketing Officer at the National Health Council.

With his previous experience in marketing and public relations, Darling is confident that he will be able to help NHC grow its membership base while still promoting its cause, which is to educate the public about vaccines and related issues.

Daniel Darling told reporters that he is happy with his new job opportunity, saying that “pharma marketing isn’t really in my line anymore.” Darling went on to say that he has found a new passion working in health care reform.

Darling’s career in pharmaceuticals began at Eli Lilly & Co., where he was employed until 2007. His time there included stints as manager of social media marketing for Prozac and Paxil, director of medical education for Zyprexa, and associate director for consumer insight research on the best-selling antidepressant Cymbalta. Before his unemployment, Darling served as Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Darling was fired from GSK after an interview with CNBC. In this video, Darling endorsed vaccinations and encouraged parents to have their children vaccinated for measles. After being on leave for a month, he was terminated from his position on October 7, 2014.

When asked about his previous interview with CNBC, Darling was very evasive and did not answer any questions. He simply said that he doesn’t think the organization should get involved in politics.

“I think it’s important that we stay focused on what our mission is,” says Darling when asked about how he plans to maintain brand awareness for this nonprofit organization. “And I’m looking forward to working with my team here. It’s a great team so I’m sure we’ll be able to do it.”

Darling will begin working at NHC immediately. His first action as Chief Marketing Officer was to update their website to include more community outreach programs for their members.

The National Health Council is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1934. It lobbies Congress and the executive branch of government to establish policies that promote universal access to affordable health care. Its membership of nearly 100 organizations includes more than 50 of the top medical schools in America as well as leading non-profits such as March of Dimes, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, National MS Society, Arthritis Foundation, Lupus Foundation of America, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Hemophilia Federation of America, Lance Armstrong Foundation, and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.

The National Health Council is a member-driven organization that works to improve health through public policy and education. It is funded by big pharmaceutical companies who are trying to improve their image after the recent vaccine scandals.

“We thank Mr. Darling for his service at Turing Pharmaceuticals,” said John Malley, Turing’s current spokesperson. “He was a great asset while he worked here and we wish him the best in his new position.” This is a very exciting time for Daniel Darling. As vaccine resistance continues to grow, we can only hope that others positively use their influence and promote science-based medicine instead of lying about the lack of safety surrounding vaccines.

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