Cristiano Ronaldo Is Among the Highest Paid Celebrities

The Forbes report is based on what he was paid and the success of his team Real Madrid, his off-pitch endorsement and social media activities. The top athlete in football for over a decade, Ronaldo earns $108 million. Neymar comes next on the list The Brazilian has his price on a number of items and is considered one of the most followed stars on the planet. Forbes lists his earnings at $90 million. The third entry is Lionel Messi.

Highest Paid

Cristiano Ronaldo also played with FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Inter Milan, PSG, and Real Madrid. He has been winning trophies, championships, and individual accolades ever since he debuted. The 32-year-old’s goals have been much appreciated by fans, and Forbes even ranked him No.1 in terms of highest-paid celebrities in 2016. But Forbes has recognised him to be even more valued in the world of sports. Forbes estimates that his endorsement and marketing value has increased from $44 million in 2016 to $93 million. This is all with his total earnings for 2017, inclusive of his salary of $37 million and winnings of $4 million. The figure is quite a lot, considering that he had won around $108 million before making it to the list. He is not alone as he stands on top of Forbes’ list.

How did these celebrities earn their money?

Their homes alone may cost upwards of 1 million dollars. Other personal possessions add to this estimate of fortune. While many celebrities are super rich, few have the means to donate to charitable causes. However, in 2019, Ronaldo promised to donate 2 million pounds to various charities of his choice. The charity chosen is Children and Youth, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for children in need. Ronaldo is also generous when it comes to working with philanthropic organizations. Ronaldo has stated that he likes to give back to the society and help a cause that is not widely known. He has donated over 100,000 pounds to various foundations and donated 11 million pounds in educational scholarships.

Why are they called the highest paid?

The Highest Payed Celebrities in 2020 is an annual list published by Forbes. Celebrities are ranked based on how much they are paid for the previous year. This list is adjusted to account for inflation and to factor in inflation-linked bonuses. Cristiano Ronaldo has earned a lot of money, which is why he is one of the top five highest paid celebrities in the world. There are some unusual names on the list, like Apple CEO Tim Cook. However, some of the richest people are listed on the list. According to Forbes, Cristiano Ronaldo made an estimated $93.2 million in the past year. A lot of his money came from endorsements. He also has ownership shares in Nike and McDonald’s.

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