Courteney Cox Walks Down Memory Lane with Lisa Kudrow

Most recently, the cast from Friends came together to reminisce their time on the popular American sitcom. One of the cast members, Courteney Cox, has been having a moment since the reunion. Currently, she is making fresh memories with celebrated artist Ed Sheeran.

Courteney Cox performed the routine dance, a dancing style captured in the show, together with Ed Sheeran. Another addition to her work is the Tiny Dancer performance which is well-known to fans of the show.

Tiny Dancer Version

Courteney Cox posted a video on Instagram where she sang the Tiny Dancer song with Brandi Carlile, Elton John, and Ed Sheeran. The actress dedicated the group performance to her fellow costar on the show, Lisa Kudrow. Before breaking out into Kudrow’s version of this song, Ed Sheeran sent a shout-out to Lisa Kudrow.

Cox captioned the Instagram video with tags familiar to Friends fans. In the video, she played the piano as Carlile and Sheeran worked on the guitar. Elton John performed his popular song or at least a version of the Tiny Dancer cover.

Episode on Friends

If you have forgotten which episode had Phoebe singing the Tiny Dancer version, here is a reminder. When talking about the most romantic single, the actress mentioned that the song would be from Elton John. Phoebe said that she thought the celebrity sang it for the man on Who’s the Boss.

Jade Ehlers filmed the clip, which has taken over the internet. The video has four famous individuals performing one of the most popular songs in history with a touch of comic effect. It ideally summarized why the fans loved the show and anticipated the cast reunion.

Light Moment

Although the four failed to get the lyrics from Phoebe’s version of Tiny Dancer, Lisa Kudrow jokingly corrected them on Instagram. She applauded their efforts and especially noted the good work of Sir Elton John on the original version. Lisa Kudrow mentioned that the performance was quite a thrill. She remained excited over the reunion with other costars on the show.

The Takeaway

On the Literally with Rob Lowe podcast, Rob Lowe stated that the reunion was not scripted. The cast members were developing their own skills but not as their characters. It was about the team getting back together, which was a rare event. The last time the whole cast got together in front of the public was in 2004. Rob Lowe jokingly added that the video brought up the goodness of the reunion.

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