Conan O’Brien Shows How He Embraces Change in The Media

Famous comedian and entertainer Conan O’Brien launched a podcast called “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.” The show quickly gained popularity, becoming one of the highest-rated podcasts in the country.

Those who’ve followed his rich history in the entertainment industry may understand the show’s instant success. Quick-witted and funny, Conan’s style mixes well in a podcast setting. Hosting a late-night show for decades isn’t exactly starting from scratch in the entertainment world. He also has millions of twitter followers and a successful youtube channel based on his show on TBS.

Things weren’t always this smooth running for Conan. Years ago, he received an opportunity to be the Tonight Show host on NBC, following Jay Leno’s absence. Shortly after becoming the host, NBC offered a settlement for him to step down. He made his exit very public and later expressed pity for the events leading up to then. Conan soon went on a tour despite the loss, selling out huge crowds in over forty states.

A year after the incident at NBC, Conan returned to the late-night scene with a TBS show, soon celebrating its 10th anniversary. With the addition of making podcasts, the comedian claims that they can be even more enjoyable than hosting a talk show. He stated that talk shows significantly limit him by only talking to guests for seven minutes. Conan insists that these small sections aren’t natural in conversational flow. With podcasts, he enjoys the ability to have conversations that last over an hour without a break. Another thing Conan values about podcasts is his freedom to not worry about hair or makeup.

Team Coco has created ten shows in total. Conan has stated that he doesn’t care for the number of shows, but he’s amazed about what his team has produced. He values quality over quantity in regards to the podcasts.

In 2019, his show on TBS transitioned to a 30-minute format. The talk-show host felt compelled to initiate this change due to the freedoms the podcast presented. Upon the rise of COVID-19, his talk-show could no longer house a live audience. In response, Conan switched to video chat interviews, while continuing “Conan Needs a Friend” simultaneously.

Debunking questions relating to if he will switch solely to podcasts, Conan states that he loves to create things and will continue with both. He sees both his talk-show and podcast as a venue to provide laughter for others. With success throughout the decades, it seems that Conan has an opportunity to switch to different platforms. This freedom is an excellent advantage in the constantly-evolving entertainment industry. In an interview, Conan jokingly states that entertainment may come in pill form five years from now, so it’s important to have versatility.

With the podcast’s launching, Conan is as satisfied with his career as he’s ever been. Technological advances have opened up endless ways to make people laugh, and he enjoys these opportunities. Concluding the interview, said that you could choose to fear change or let it energize you.

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