CNN Anchor and Senior Political Correspondent Abby Phillips

Abby Phillip grew up in Bowie, Md. She attained a degree in government at Harvard University. Abby covered the 2017 Trump Administration at the white house. She served as the white house correspondent between 2017 and 2019. In 2020, she worked on the Washington campaign trail.

Phillip reported about national politics. She captured various reports relating to the white house. The areas she covered include the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Unit. Also, Abby covered Trump’s journey to Germany and Poland. Abby Owns a TV show where she holds a one-hour interview with political analysts. Her show is aired on Sundays on CNN television. She analyses weekly political occurrences in her TV shows.

Abby’s efforts in covering the 2020 elections earned CNN a positive achievement. So CNN was the first channel to announce that Joe Biden had won the election. This lady also anchored the barrier-breaking career report of Vice president Kamala Harris. Back in 2006, Abby was part of the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Abby covers local and international events. For instance, she covered the San Bernardino and Charleston S.C. Massacres. The reporter also worked as a digital reporter before joining the Washington Post. Besides, she reported about the white house during Obama’s reign.

The release of her book entitled ‘The Dream Deferred’ is an outstanding achievement. She intends to release it in 2022. The book captures Jackson’s political legacy.

Abby’s Discussion About Race and Representation

Abby participated in a virtual discussion with the SOC and KPU on 16th February 2021. During the virtual event, Phillip discussed how media depicts race. She also discussed how communication flow in politics. She held the discussion during the Black History Month program of SOC and KPU. The CNN news anchor mentioned that the voice of the blacks in news media has increased in the past decade. She also said that Black journalists are free to discuss politics on television.

According to Abby, people should identify with their cultural race. She also added that it is crucial to engage different races in decision-making. Phillip emphasized that newsrooms should embrace on and off-camera representation of other races.

Abby Phillip has flourished being a black news anchor. She has worked in prestigious events such as the Obama’s and Joe Bidden’s elections. The news anchor has emphasized the importance of racial diversity in journalism. She got an opportunity to work in the White House during different presidential eras.

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