Chrissy Teigen Looking For Cancel Club Reunion, Feeling Lonely Post-Cyber-Bullying Scandal

No one would argue that Chrissy Teigen doesn’t have a good life. Seriously, she is wealthy and married to musical legend John Legend, and the pair have two adorable kids. Chrissy recently returned with the family from a glorious trip to Italy and has posted photos online, but she’s feeling lost, according to

Cancel Culture Has Silenced Her

Teigen, 35, wants to badly start communicating again on social media and to share her unique perspective about life as she has in the past. However, her cyberbullying episodes finally caught up with her big time when victim Courtney Stodden blasted Teigen for harassing her online about marrying an older celebrity. The former marriage had generated lots of negative media attention, which mainly fell on to Stodden. Teigen repeatedly told Stoddard to kill herself in old tweets she sent out in 2011.

Meanwhile, Stodden was 16 at the time.

Teigen apologized to Stodden in June and said she regrets every day those horrible statements she made to Stodden, but Cancel Culture would not cut Teigen any breaks.

The celebrity cook lost big endorsements. One of these included Macy’s removing Teigen’s cookware line from its website. Also, she was dropped by Netflix where she was to have a voice role in the teen series “Never Have I Ever.”

Paid The Price And Learned A Lot

Teigen addressed her 34.9 million followers on her Instagram page on Wednesday, saying that she has learned plenty about herself and truly misses connecting with her many fans. Almost 24 hours later, and her post has received more than 836,383 likes.

She revealed that she feels lost, depressed and cannot stay silent for much longer. When she goes out, Teigen says it just doesn’t feel right to be in public, but Cancel Culture has made it very difficult for her to regroup.

In fact, she asked her fans if they knew of a Cancel Club reunion so that she could just get off the couch and be with other stars who have gone through similar backlash and public shunning.

How Courtney Stodden Has Reacted Today

On Thursday, Stodden didn’t say anything about Chrissy Teigen’s new Instagram post but featured a brief TikTok video titled “Just Be Nice” on her Instagram page with the hashtags 🙃 #fyp #bully #spreadkindness.

The video has her laughing as it shows the Instagram post from Teigen.

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