Chef Alex Guarnaschelli Gives Back To Single Mothers

Alex Guarnaschelli has been seen on numerous shows on Food Network. She has been a judge, a host, and a competitor as she shares her personal flair for food. After raising her daughter for several years on her own, Guarnaschelli wants to help other single mothers so that they can be successful in life while showing them that they are loved.

When she’s on “Chopped,” Guarnaschelli knows what it’s like to be in the spotlight and to have other people looking to you for advice. The same thing usually occurs when you’re a parent. Children look up to you to get advice and to learn about how to live life healthy and safely. Guarnaschelli spent some time in France, learning about the cuisine and interacting with top chefs including Guy Savoy. Even though she had all eyes on her in the kitchen, the job that has put her under the most pressure at times is being a mother to her 13-year-old daughter. When Guarnaschelli separated from Ava’s father, she knew that it could be a challenge raising a teenager by herself, but she was ready for whatever was to come. Now, she wants to help other mothers in the same situation.

Vitamin Angels is a nonprofit organization that offers assistance to single mothers by giving them the vitamins that they need while they are pregnant and making sure they have enough food to eat. The organization also educates mothers while they are pregnant and after they give birth so that they can make healthy food choices for their children. Guarnaschelli was excited to receive a call from the organization and knew that she wanted to help. Be An Angel Day is in August, and Guarnaschelli plans to help by making meals that have high amounts of protein and that are easy to prepare. She also plans to share details about the foods that should be consumed while pregnant and those that might need to wait until after the mother gives birth.

Guarnaschelli knows what it’s like to feel as though there are few people who are around and that you can feel insecure even with help from family, friends, and medical professionals. She wants single mothers to know that there is someone on their side and they they don’t have to feel alone. Instead of feeling tired during the day after staying up with a baby at night or anxious because of not knowing whether you’re doing the right thing or not, Guarnaschelli wants to show mothers how to be a single mother who can take pride in how she’s raising her child.

While Guarnaschelli’s restaurant has operated on reduced hours, she’s had time to get to know her daughter even more as well as spend time with her fiance, Michael Castellon. The time away from her restaurant has also given her the chance to put together videos and information that can be given to Vitamin Angels and other organizations that help single mothers. She wants to expand on how she helps organizations like this to include those that are in other countries. It’s her goal to make sure as many women as possible have access to nutritious foods for their children and so that they have the support needed to raise their children in a healthy way instead of feeling as though no one is there.

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