Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri Continues Moving Forward With New Projects

In recent years, celebrity chef, author and TV personality Guy Fieri has become a household name. For more than a decade, Mr. Fieri has hosted and/or starred in many food-related television programs, and he operates numerous restaurants throughout the U.S. and in several other countries.

In a current interview/article on the USA Today website, Guy Fieri provides answers to several questions regarding his various TV shows, Dolly Parton, the virus pandemic, and his “Flavortown” take-out and delivery restaurant concept.

Now in its second season, Fieri’s “Tournament of Champions” TV program features skilled chefs from America’s east and west coasts participating in exciting cooking competitions. When asked about the new season of “Tournament of Champions”, Mr. Fieri explained how the show is incorporating financial relief for restaurants that have been adversely affected by the pandemic.

On Tournament of Champions, the cooking competitors are grouped in brackets, similar to the process used in college basketball tournaments. When one of the competing chefs is victorious in a round, he or she can choose a restaurant affected by the pandemic, then the show donates $10,000 to the restaurant to help offset the restaurant’s losses.

The USA Today article mentions how lots of messages on Twitter bring up the similarities between Dolly Parton’s large donation for the funding of the Moderna anti-virus vaccine, and Guy Fieri’s decision to donate money to struggling restaurants.

In regard to the comparisons with Dolly Parton, Fieri says that the country music star is awesome, and that he loves having his name mentioned with hers. Fieri also said that there are many people out there who haven’t received deserved recognition for their efforts during the pandemic.

Since 2006, Mr. Fieri has been hosting the “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” TV show on the Food Network. In the near future, the show will be visiting Texas, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Working with his son Hunter is another important part of Guy Fieri’s life. Previously, the father and son team co-starred in “Guy & Hunter’s European Vacation” TV program, and will soon begin production on “Guy & Hunter’s Hawaiian Vacation.”

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