Business Magnate Elon Musk Announces Plans To Build A Robot

Entrepreneur, business mogul, and Tesla’s Product Architect Elon Musk said Tesla is building a humanoid robot during the company’s artificial intelligence day. Musk said Tesla might have the prototype in 2022.

He described the purpose of the Tesla (TSLA) robot is to “start dealing with boring, dangerous or repetitive work. The kinds of work people do not like.” He did not reveal if the robot will be on sale and the amount it will cost.

Humanoid Robot Features

Musk revealed that it would contain a screen that displays a screen where the human face would be. The 5 feet 8 inches robot, according to him, will weigh 125 pounds and have the capacity to carry 45 pounds. It will be a fast mover with a top speed of 5 M/H. Tesla will start by designing five fingers for each hand of the robot, but the number might change.

The robot will perform different chores that human beings do on instruction. Musk said human beings could talk to it when giving instructions. He gave an example that can send the robot to a store to pick groceries or inform it to attach bolts to a car with a wrench.

Impact On The Economy

The robot, according to Musk, will have a lot of impact on the economy. He believes it will turn physical work into a choice, and humans may have to create other sources of universal income. Tesla Product Architect is one of the Silicon Valley leaders who cautioned that technology might eliminate many people’s jobs. However, Tesla’s creation will not take away jobs immediately since it is still experimental.

Place of Robot Project at Tesla

Musk described the robot as an extension of Tesla’s project to build self-driving vehicles. He said, “The robot will have a computer chip and eight navigation cameras just like the Tesla vehicles” He added that Tesla would show it can do more than an electric car.

Several company employees gave presentations showcasing Tesla’s capability in artificial intelligence, which plays a critical part in developing humanoid robots and self-driving cars. Musk joked that Tesla’s humanoid robot would be friendly, and they “hope it will not feature in a sci-fi movie.”

Musk’s commitment to innovative works at SpaceX and Tesla is disrupting traditional auto and space industries. Many are waiting to see if Musk will keep deadlines and promises. This is mainly due to the lack of aggressive claims on when Tesla will self-driving vehicles will be ready for commercial use.

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