Britney Spears Speaks to the Court

There has been a legal battle between the famous singer and her father since 2008. This is after Britney spears wanted to be the legal conservator of their state. She said that she felt abused so much, and even at some point, it was threatening to her life. She went to court to seek a new attorney to help her fight the legal battle.

The American singer has the opportunity to go for a new lawyer. The attorney will represent her in the conservatorship case after the judiciary permitted her over the same matter.

Britney was in tears urging the judges to charge her father. She did this over the phone while addressing the court. It was after she felt a conservatorship abuse from the father. The legal battle over $60 million tracts started between her and the dad. The Los Angeles county judge has instilled hopes in the singer, allowing her to go for a new attorney.

Britney was crying when delivering a heart-rending testimony. She also confirmed that those in charge of the conservatorship were after her life if not abusing her. Spears added that it was not out of evaluation that she was taking action. Britney said that she was dealing with a lot of abandonment problems.

What Her New Attorney Had to Say

The new attorney called the mentioned father, Jamie, to drop the responsibility. He urged that it would favor his client, who happens to be the defendant’s daughter. The attorney also promised the press outside the court not to hold back on the entire matter. He also added that the whole process was unnecessary if the father stepped down.

However, the former prosecutor will still be in charge of prosecuting the case. Mathew Rosengart was still the prosecutor at the most recent trial on Wednesday. Spears lamented that the conservators wanted her to use lithium, which she was not ready to do.

Her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, was in full support of her demands. She said she was so proud of her sister, who was to end the conservatorship. She said that she would do anything that would make her happy.

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