Bill Gates Investment in Technology

In the quest to finding a lasting solution to the Corona Virus pandemic, TechCrunch has documented that through collaboration with the JP Morgan Chase and the Gates Foundation, Adjuvant Capital was born. It has funded ChromaCode’s technology. It is useful because it skyrockets interaction of polymerase chain reaction to identify people who are infected with Corona Virus and other diseases.


This technology came about as research a student at the California Institute of Technology conducted that. Aditya Rajagopal is the brain behind this product. With the current limitations in testing capacities of COVID-19 around the world, ChromaCode could solve this. Unlike traditional PCR testing, which focuses on the differentiation of targets through color, the HDCPR technology which is developed by Chromacode centers on the intensity of signals to identify several targets and identifies them as curve signatures. These are encoded into one color channel, which means that the technology uses a multitude of different colour gradients to identify set targets in a test rather than using only one color.

For the prediction of COVID-19, this could increase the rate of testing capacities by three times. The machines can perform 96 tests at a go as opposed to the PCR machines, which can only conduct 32 tests at a time. The technology also can diagnose other diseases. That these machines can identify different pathogens means that it is useful in testing, tracking, and tracing the spread of diseases in low and medium-income countries. ChromaCode can Diagnose and differentiate between COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases. Diagnosis capabilities are the principal reason Adjuvant Capital invested in this technology.

This technology’s ability to be installed in preexisting machines sets it apart. Keeping in mind the financial constraint in countries that the testing needs to be done, it is not workable for them to purchase new hardware and software for this purpose. This technology can help curb the fear of future infections in the country.

Bill Gates Contribution

The Bill and Melinda foundation saw a shift in operations to look into the COVID-19 issue almost entirely. The operation is to provide support to the ongoing efforts to combat and reduce the global spread of coronavirus pandemic. Bill and Melinda foundation aim is to avert economic constraints that could occur in the wake of this disease. He aims at the reduction of global suffering by providing resources from his well-capitalized charity organizations.


The foundation has been funding vaccine trials since the discovery of COVID-19 in the world. The focus has been temporarily averted from polio and aids campaign to getting solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, this has led to a lot of misconceptions and conspiracy theories about his foundations’ intentions and participation in the virus’s creation. Regardless, Bill Gates focuses on creating a lasting solution to this pandemic. His contributions in research, testing and implementation of technological solutions that enable detection of COVID-19 is reputable. The foundation’s efforts will help to keep susceptible people safe. Without his involvement, this venture could be futile.

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