Bill Gates and the Tech World During the Pandemic Time

The overhearing burden of the Covid19 pandemic is affecting business operations across the globe. Many companies are experiencing shakeups. Industries are laying off workers while others are forced to shut their businesses.

Among the many tales of bad fortune, tech companies are not an exception. Most of these companies are facing a financial crisis. But it is not the end of everything. Other firms are taking this opportunity to emerge stronger. The tech world is taking significant steps to unleash something new for better business operations.

Big Tech Is Joining the Campaign to Overcome Covid19

Big tech has ventured into helping the health system control the pandemic. We have seen many of these companies donating millions to help fight the Covid 19. Bill Gates, the CEO and founder of Microsoft, donated $50 million to find the cure of the disease.

Bill Gates says his skills as the CEO of Microsoft firm has helped him into a successful being. The business legend has gone ahead to establish the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It works on supporting the public health system, education, extreme poverty, and fight against Covid 19.

A good example is the Microsoft research agenda. The primary aim was to go beyond what magic software could do. While starting the foundation in 2000, his primary focus was global health. According to Bill Gates, the system had fewer investments.

In 2019 January, Bill Gates wrote the Wall Streets Journal. It cited Bill Gates foundation had set aside 10 billion dollars to support the health system. The main agenda was to finance and deliver medication to those in need.

The 10 billion investment had established about $200 billion in social and economic benefits. Bill Gates had to learn more about biology to stay abreast of global initiatives and health aspects. The zeal to keep up with new ideas was similar to the one at Microsoft.

Beyond elevating innovation, Gate loves building people. The foundation recruits the best people from pharma to help in the timely delivery of the vaccine. These experts understand the challenges of the vaccine. Building up great teams is essential for proper working relations. Even in harsh conditions, you will make progress.

According to Bill Gates, one of the Covid 19 vaccines will be used in early 2021. Gates Foundation has pledged universal vaccine to alliance Gave. More so, he has given more than $300 million to fund coronavirus developments, treatments, and vaccines.

While this is commendable, the tech response to Covid 19 pandemic is beyond contribution. These companies are now taking a humanitarian approach. The approach to curbing fake news is at its best systemic, and contained.

During the past few weeks, tech giants such as Google and Facebook have engaged a proactive approach. The tech giants are keeping up with the pandemic, placing verified information, and getting rid of fake news. On the other hand, Twitter is policing its community. The platform has pulled down misleading information from top officials.

Big tech companies aim at mitigating physical, social, economic, and curbing the spread of the virus. The new side of the world reveals an act of social accountability and philanthropy.

Planning for the Greater Good

While the pandemic is thriving, several essential goods are maintaining the “super important class.” As the world is working towards curbing the disease, these products are a prime focus. Significant examples include face masks, hand sanitizers, and other protective gear. Ventilators, drugs, and other medications are helping health workers to treat affected patients.

With the increased demand for these products, many manufacturers are shifting their production lines. For instance, Dyson, a UK based company, changed its production line to making ventilators in 10 days. The company has already received more than 10000 orders.

The Eight Oaks Distillery firm in the US has changed its alcohol firm to the manufacture of sanitizers. The primary goal is to help save the world.


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