Bill Barr’s Under A Legal Microscope For His Questionable Memo Clearing Trump Of Obstruction

Former Attorney General Bill Barr played an instrumental role in President Trump’s presidency. Mr. Barr, a lifelong Republican, served as attorney general during the first Bush administration. Barr played a role in resisting efforts to release information about the U.S. financing Iraq before Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Mr. Barr told the press he would not appoint an independent counsel to look into the case because there was no crime.

 Barr Sent Trump A Letter After Jeff Sessions Resigned

President Trump thought he had a loyal Trumpian when he picked Alabama’s former Senator Jeff Sessions as his attorney general. Sessions decided to recuse himself when Robert Mueller became the special counsel. Mueller’s investigation turned up dirt on Trump during the 2016 campaign. But Barr made it sound like he was innocent, according to Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

Mr. Barr wrote the president a letter after Sessions resigned. In that letter, Barr let Trump know he believed presidents are above the law. Those five words, “presidents are above the law,” are all it took for Barr to become the new attorney general. During his tenure as attorney general, the New York Times and the Washington Post called Barr Trump’s personal lawyer because he defended Trump’s sketchy legal decisions.

Several News reports claimed Russia played a role in getting Trump elected. Those reports also claimed there was evidence to prove the president obstructed justice. The Mueller investigation did find evidence Trump obstructed justice. But that part of Mueller’s report had those black redacted lines running through it. Bill Barr wrote a memo before the Mueller investigation ended that cleared Trump of any wrongdoing.

 Judge Amy Berman Jackson Called Barr’s Memo Disingenuous

Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson let Barr know writing a memo that cleared Trump of any wrongdoing before the Mueller investigation ended was a disingenuous act. Jackson was not the first judge to question Barr’s credibility and integrity. In a related 2020 case, Judge Reggie Walton let Barr know he distorted the facts and mislead people to defend Trump.

Mr. Barr resigned and denounced Mr. Trump for his role in the January 6th Capitol riot. But Barr’s critics think he shares the blame for Trump’s questionable behavior during his presidency. No matter how many legal lines Mr. Trump crossed, Bill Barr defended him. Mr. Barr made sure the president had the full support of the Department of Justice, according to the Washington Post.

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