Bezos Buys MGM Talent And Intellectual Property For $8.4 Billion

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos continues to make headlines for his personal and business decisions. Jeff turned an online book-selling company into an Internet giant that sells everything under the sun. Amazon changed the retail industry. And it made Jeff one of the richest people on the planet.

 Bezos Wants Blue Origin To Be Part Of The Moon Mission

Trying to describe Bezos in a few words is not easy. Most news reports call him an entrepreneur with a keen sense of timing and a mind that works overtime to get what he wants. People who know and work with him say Jeff is able to break down complex issues. And he creatively simplifies them.

One of those complex issues is Jeff’s space travel company, Blue Origin. Bezos wants Blue Origin to be part of NASA’s mission to send humans back to the Moon. But Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, got the Moon contract.

Mr. Bezos called some of his friends in Congress and asked them to convince NASA that Blue Origin would bring something to the mission SpaceX can’t provide. Mr. Musk told the press Blue Origin participation in the Moon mission was a good idea.

The demand for an expensive rocket ride in space surprised Bezos and other Blue Origin executives. Seats on the rocket sold quickly. But once the first group of novice space travelers hit the outer limits, the demand for space travel options will go through the roof, according to Mr. Bezos.

 Amazon Buys MGM For $8.4 Billion

Amazon owns several companies like the Washington Post, Goodreads, Whole Foods, and Alexa. Jeff’s fascination with movies and Hollywood always lingered in his engineering and computer science mind. So Jeff decided to buy MGM Studios for $8.4 billion. That was Jeff’s way of having a good time while adding wealth to his already bulging fortune.

Mr. Bezos also wants to give Netflix and Disney some innovative platform competition. Hollywood knows Jeff has the ability to change the movie and streaming playing field.

Mr. Bezos told shareholders the acquisition of MGM brings an enormous catalog of intellectual property to Amazon. Bezos wants to reimagine as well as develop all of MGMs intellectual property. Bezos also said reimagining MGM is a lot of work. And he pointed out the people who love stories and film will benefit from the tweaks he has in store for MGM.

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