Best Airlines in 2021

This year certainly has not been a wonderful year for airlines. The Covid-19 pandemic has had an incredibly negative impact on the airline sector for almost every single airline. However, there is one airline company that has actually experienced a great year. Skytrax, the International air transport rating organization, has placed Qatar Airways in the number one spot for the world’s best airlines. Qatar Airways is an airline company based out of Doha, the capital city of Qatar, and not only is this year’s top airline company but also recently won the best airline company for the award. Travelers themselves are the ones responsible for placing Qatar Airways at the top of the list, as it is their votes that secured the number one spot on the list. Travelers were asked about the quality and performance of over 350 worldwide airline companies and they chose Qatar Airways. The second-place position on the list goes to Singapore Airlines. To round out the top three on the list, ANA All Nippon Airways takes third.

This is not the first time Qatar Airways has won the prize, in fact, this is the sixth time being in the number one spot. Qatar Airways not only won the top spot for the best airline but also won a number of other awards this year. World’s best business class seat, world’s best business class airline lounge, world’s best business class, best airline in the middle east, and the best business class onboard catering are all extra accolades the company has received this year. Qatar Airways received the coveted awards because of the companies methods of maintaining extremely high standards of service and innovation. In the times of Covid-19, these skills were truly put to the test and Qatar Airway was shown to handle issues with results.

The pandemic required many changes and shifts within the airline sector requiring airline companies to change the way they handle business. Over the last year, many airlines were grounded for most of the year and more. Although many airlines experienced the lull from Covid-19 and there being less travel in general, Qatar Airways remained active in the skies. Customers needed Qatar Airways to travel where they needed to most and the airline continued to fulfill their customers’ needs, even during an extreme year. Qatar Airways initiated new biosafety measures to fight Covid-19 and to help travelers feel reassured while traveling. With these kinds of innovations, Qatar Airways remained in the air while other airlines were grounded. Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al-Baker believes it was the innovation that allowed the airline to succeed and also believes it was these actions that placed Qatar Airway at the top of the list.

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