Benito Skinner

Benito Skinner was born in Idaho, but he has always been an admirer of Hollywood, especially New York City. He prefers the apartments in Hollywood because of how spacious they are. Benito is a 28-year-old content creator known on Tik Tok and other platforms as Drama Benny. He relocated to California after the Covid-19 pandemic to focus on his career as an artist. 

Profession as an Editor

Skinner started his profession as an editor. He has made a brand that impersonates celebrities like the Kardashians. Benito also fits several characters he designed for himself, like Jeni, the hairdresser. 

Even though some people see making fun of public figures as online bullying, Benito does not embarrass anyone in the process. We saw this when the Kardashians applauded him for his shows even though he shows Kris Jenner as an evil person. 

Benito has a section of astrological videos that go viral almost all the time. An example is a video that shows the various ways to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, which had over 2000 comments in the first three minutes. He has also started producing and directing bigger projects like a pop culture talk show called “Obsessed” alongside Mary Beth.

He handles every task before filming, such as writing scripts, directing, audio and visual. However, sometimes, his boyfriend Terrence helps with the tasks. Mr. Skinner never disclosed that he was not straight as a child when growing up because he thought that his loved ones would not support him. Although, he started being more comfortable when he enrolled at Georgetown University to study film. This occurred because he wrote more scripts and went live on camera several times, activities he loved doing as a child. 

He learned about different roles in media and found a new set of buddies who he thought he was freer around, and that is when he came clean at the age of 23. Mr. Skinner is a famous entertainer on platforms like Tik Tok, and many people know him for his skits that impersonate celebrities. He has become more popular, especially during the pandemic, as more people have viewed his skits more during this time. 

Benito Skinner is an online sensation known for his parodies on YouTube. He acquired his degree in English studies in 2016 and has vlogged since then. These skits have improved his popularity with over 300 thousand subscribers from around the world. 

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