Bayer Foundation Promoting Sub-Saharan Women Entrepreneurship

Bayer Foundation launched its first-ever Women Empowerment Award, explicitly impacting the Sub-Saharan Africa region. Bayern Foundation targets the innovative female entrepreneurs who may generate much-awaited social impact throughout Sub-Sahara. By supporting the female entrepreneurs full of breakthrough and groundbreaking ideas, the organization celebrates driving overall social sustainability through supporting entrepreneurial innovation. Bayer Foundation Executive Director Dr. Monika Lessl also heads the research and Corporate Innovation at Bayer AG.

She supports sustainability across the scientific field through her approach and utilizes diversification as a social innovation tool inspiring aspiring women leaders. Dr. Monika recently explained their organizational ambitions of sharing, inspiring, and connecting African-based female entrepreneurs. She told Business Insider Africa she had noted the impact these women empowerment-geared initiatives have across the continent.

The Impact of Bayer Foundation

Monika stated that without a doubt, sub-Saharan Africa is among areas being highly affected by climate change. Coupled with robustly aging and growing populations, the area dwellers face unprecedented health and nutrition challenges. She believes that organizations should prioritize the much-needed transformative actions to increase societal resilience, particularly emphasizing sustainable food supply strategies and healthcare access. Dr. Monika Lessl, an executive with Bayer Foundation, recently stated their commitment to advancing social and science innovations for global benefit.

An effort has helped the foundation view science as an essential instrument for overall societal innovation and progress. When Business Insider Africa enquired about the Bayer Foundation’s long-term ambitions and vision throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, Dr. Monika stated their belief in catalyzing system change. Through change, they could enhance societal equality and resilience by fostering entrepreneurship and innovation and support science in Sub-Sahara.

Their scientific support is showcased by collaborating with Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. It enabled Sub-Saharan Africa-based scientific researchers to identify and address critical challenges within the climate change-stricken region. Their emphasis on women’s progress is backed by numerous studies that depict women’s centric societal role in adopting changes while working toward equity. They are significantly supporting women entrepreneurs through their recently launched Women Empowerment Award.

Communities Response to Novel Women Empowerment Programs

The foundation was shocked by the significant positive feedback from communities. They received more than four hundred applications, all from remarkable female business entrepreneurs and leaders focused on the nutrition and health sectors. They realized inspirational ideas from talented women.

Final Thoughts

Preparing for the approaching July 5th virtual award ceremony, Monika Lessl stated she felt honored to award the innovative-minded female entrepreneurs. They could spark inspiration in up-and-coming generations promoting societal justice. Bayer Foundation plans on featuring journeys and stories of successful female entrepreneurs driving comprehensive impact in society.

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