Awaiting the Transition: Joe Biden Declared President Elect

Did you know that the US president-elect is a staunch Christian and a weekly churchgoer? The force to reckon in politics often keeps a rosary on his hand. On his acceptance speech on Saturday, Joe Biden winded up his speech with a powerful quote drawn from a hymn “On Eagles Wings.” The hymn was composed nearly three decades ago by a catholic priest in memory of his friends’ father.

The president-elect said that the hymn is close to his heart and helped him and his family to overcome his dearest deceased son Beau’s death. He hoped that the hymn would offer solace to families that have lost their loved ones to coronavirus. He believes that the faith that has kept him going will sustain hundreds of thousands of American families.

What is expected to Happen After Biden is Declared President-Elect?

Joseph R. Biden Jr. was declared president-elect on Saturday. The declaration came after almost four days of counting and tabulating votes.

However, it’s not yet over. So much can happen between the election day and the inauguration day. So, after declaring the president-elect, what happens? In the following month, states are supposed to certify their election results. Each state chooses its convenient time to carry out the process with a specific time frame. The process might prove to be more complex with trump threatening to pursue a lawsuit, an action that might delay the formal certification of the vote.

As the dust from the recently concluded presidential elections settles, all attention shifts to Georgia, where two runoff elections are expected in early January. The elections are set to determine the party with control over the senate.

Is It Too Soon? Biden Forms A 13-Member Coronavirus Task Force

In his acceptance speech, the president-elect said that his first assignment would be fighting the lethal coronavirus. On Monday last week, Joe Biden urged Americans to wear masks and adhere to public health measures.

He said that wearing masks should not be politized. “It doesn’t matter whom you support politically, who you voted for, or your view of the government. By just wearing a mask, you can save a thousand lives.” He added that whether democratic or republican, all are American lives.

Joe Biden has a challenging task ahead of him as the nation recorded more than 10 million infections on Sunday since the pandemic emerged. The recent statistics are an indication that the country had a ruthless winter season.

It’s a dark season for Americans as hospitalizations go up, infections go up, and the rate of deaths also increases. According to a renowned pharma company, Pfizer, the early analysis of the covid-19 vaccine shows that the vaccine is enormously effective in preventing coronavirus’s future infections.

Joe Biden said that those are promising news, but at the moment, Americans should adhere to the set precautions to accelerate the recovery of the nation’s economy. Biden is ready to eradicate the pandemic as he awaits to be handed power in January 2021.

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