Arianna Grande Gets Married!

Famous pop sensation Arianna Grande announced to millions of her followers on Wednesday that she had gotten married to her long-term fiancé Gomez Dalton in a “private and intimate” wedding service. This news has brought a fuss to almost all social media platforms due to her public status. This buzz is more significant than the previous celebrity news.

Essential Facts About This News

  • This post was made on Instagram, and it is leading on the most viewed post of the week, according to CrowdTangle. The post has a whopping 70 million likes on both sites.
  • The post about the wedding news is the most liked in history, with 27 million likes on Instagram and 4 million on Facebook. This stat has surpassed the record set by a celebrity marriage in 2021, such as Audrey Plaza’s
  • The least-known photos of her wedding have 18 million likes on Instagram, passing other celebrities’ wedding posts with over 4 million likes.
  • Most couples that are better positioned to compete with Grande did not post their wedding pictures directly on social media, or they did so when the application had lesser users. Instagram has seen an increase from 500 million users in 2015 to over 1 billion currently.
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had the first and second most-liked picture on Facebook and Instagram during their wedding in 2014, but they only hold a record of 2.2 million likes on their most viral photo. They also did not have any photos trending on Facebook. The couple has, however, filed for a divorce.

Amazing Facts To Know

Several weddings outside the United States have sparked up an online frenzy, such as Prince William’s and Prince Harry’s. Even though CrowdTangle information does go way back to show the engagement rates after the Duke’s wedding in 2011, posts with the “royal wedding” tag gagged over 34 million likes in Prince Harry’s wedding week.

Ariana Grande’s Background

Ariana Grande became more popular after featuring as an actress in Nickelodeon’s popular series Victorious, and she has become one of the greatest singers in the world. She has seven albums on her name and is currently in the third position for singers with the most songs on the Billboards charts. In addition, she is the best-paid female artist with a net worth of around $75 million.

Ariana Grande is among the most followed celebrity on Instagram, with over 240 million followers. This alone explains why news of her wedding would cause such a fuss in the online community. 

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