Apple TV+ Will Begin Airing “The Problem with Jon Stewart” Program in Late September

For more than 15 years, comedian Jon Stewart was the host of The Daily Show on the Comedy Central network.

In a current article on the CNN website, it’s reported that a new series titled “The Problem with Jon Stewart” will begin airing on September 30 on Apple TV+. A companion podcast of the series will also be offered.

A Focus on Specific Issues

The new Jon Stewart show is described by Apple as a “single-issue series,” and will be airing biweekly worldwide. Each episode will explore current issues that the public is interested in, and will include interviews of people who are directly involved with the issues or events, as well as others who have been affected by them.

Instead of just talking about different issues, the on-air participants discuss how solutions to the issues can be found. The show’s podcast will continue each episode’s discussion, with facts, interviews and plenty of humor.

A Positive Development

Apple TV+ has been developing a positive reputation for airing interesting movies and popular TV programs including “Ted Lasso.” The new show with Mr. Stewart is the first one that the platform has developed for streaming TV.

The Apple TV+ service started in late 2019, and the addition of “The Problem with Jon Stewart” will probably increase its popularity with viewers. Stewart is a familiar and talented host who has already won numerous Emmy Awards.

A Sneak Peek

A teaser trailer for “The Problem with Jon Stewart” has been released by Apple. In the 39-second preview, Mr. Stewart appears to be in a backstage dressing room, and is proceeding to get dressed.

After putting on his suit and tie, socks, shoes, belt and watch, Stewart takes a look at himself in a mirror. Apparently not used to the beard he has grown, Stewart asks himself what happened to his face.

At that point, the comedian lets out a sigh, and asks aloud why he would return to a medium that is visually oriented. He pauses, then reminds himself that he could have chosen to do a podcast.

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