Apple is Currently Facing Legal Issues from European Commission

Apple is an organization that has been on a growth trajectory for a number of years. Everything the company seems to be incorporating in its business operations seems to be working, which is something that has been helping the company to experience some considerable growth strategies as compared to other organizations in the market. However, the company has been facing some extreme industrial competition and legal issues from other tech companies in the business environment, which is something that has been affecting its success.

Dealing with Samsung

A good case study for extreme innovative organizations that are currently involved in extreme operational competition in the world today must involve Apple and Samsung. The two companies have been involved in the extreme industrial competition, which is something that has already changed the way the two entities have been operating in the market. Everything that Apple has been doing seems to be matched by Samsung, which means that the company must continue to innovate.

The two companies seem to have a competitive edge in the respectful areas where they have been operating. Apple is predominantly operating in the United States, which means that it has been accessing a premium market that is able to buy the products that the company has been offering. On the other hand, Samsung operates in Asia and has been able to establish its dominance in this market. It may not be accessing premium customers, but it is obviously accessing a huge population.

Apple and Spotify legal Issues

In the last year, Apple has been facing some major legal issues with regards to how it has been incorporating various strategies in the market. The company knows that there is no way it can remain relevant in the market without facing some possible challenges from other organizations in the market. This is one of the main reasons why the company has been ready to handle any other legal issue that it has been experiencing in the market.

As it stands, the company is facing a legal issue from the European Commission. Spotify has reported Apple due to the unhealthy competition strategies that it has been incorporating in the market in the last few years. There is an allegation that Apple has not been allowing customers to choose the apps they want to listen to or stream music using. This has been a significant legal issue that will see Apple lose the dominance that it has been having in the European streaming sector.

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