Apple CEO Tim Cook Wants Employees Back In Office This September

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many changes in the business world. One of those changes was a significant increase in remote work. Many companies were forced to solely continue operations remotely due to COVID-19 protocols. Eventually, more businesses gave people the option to come back but it wasn’t mandatory. As vaccines continue to roll out, more businesses are starting to require employees to show up at the office again. It looks like Apple is one of those companies that are eager to get workers back in the office.

Apple Employees Returning To The Office

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly sent out a mass email to employees announcing the return of office work in September. In the email, Cook said that the face-to-face interaction with employees is missed and that video conferences simply can’t replicate that experience. Cook’s stance isn’t surprising as he had expressed his desire for things to return to normal back in December. Even at that time, however, he knew that the timing wasn’t right.

Remote Work Won’t Go Away At Apple

Cook said that for some employees, there would be two days of the week where they could work remotely. The same can’t be said for employees who have job titles that require them to be in the office. Those workers can expect to show up at the Apple offices four or five days a week.

Hybrid Model Post-Pandemic

The hybrid work model has become quite popular as businesses gear up for life post-pandemic. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, laid out a plan that would see employees work inside the office three days a week, with the other two days being remote. Pichai even suggested that 20 percent of workers at Google could be working from home on a permanent basis.

Permanent Remote Work For Some

Both Twitter and Facebook seem to be falling in line as well. Both social media juggernauts revealed that they anticipate a few employees to continue working remotely for the duration of their tenure.

Apple also hopes to meet the needs of employees who wish to continue remote work. The company plans to allow workers to perform their duties at home for two full weeks each year pending the approval of their managers.

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